Who is Cristina Yang?

Who is Cristina Yang?

Cristina Yang is a researcher, Chief Medical Officer, and Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Klausman Institute for Medical Research, having been trained at Seattle Grace Hospital, Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

What is the weakness of Cristina Yang?

Cristina Yang. Characterizing the character, ABC noted her competitiveness, ambition, and intelligence as her main traits, while her aggressive, and tactless attitude was highlighted as her main weakness. In May 2012, E! Online reported that Oh had signed on for two more years, along with her fellow cast members.

Who is catcristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy?

Cristina Yang is introduced as a graduate from Smith College and a fellow surgical intern to Meredith Grey ( Ellen Pompeo ), Izzie Stevens ( Katherine Heigl ), George O’Malley ( T.R. Knight ), and Alex Karev ( Justin Chambers ); the five of them working under Miranda Bailey ( Chandra Wilson ).

Why did Yang and Cristina break up?

Yang attempts to be emotionally supportive but ends their relationship as she is afraid of sleeping next to him. Cristina loses her shot at being the first resident to perform a solo surgery despite being unanimously chosen by the attending surgeons, having been disciplined from failing to report the irresponsible behavior of the new interns.

What happened between Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey?

Cristina Yang became a surgical intern at Seattle Grace after graduating from medical school. On the first day of the internship, she hit it off with Meredith Grey. Cristina soon fell out with her because she felt that Meredith was given surgeries because of Derek’s favoritism and her famous mother, Dr. Ellis Grey.

What happened to Yang and Cristina’s marriage?

Yang spends the early days of her marriage in shock and hiding at Meredith’s. Due to having severe PTSD and being unable to do her job correctly anymore, Cristina quits and begins bartending and eventually throws a housewarming party.