Who is Christine Talbot husband?

Who is Christine Talbot husband?

Chris Gregg
Christine Talbot/Husband
Personal life. Christine lives near Wetherby with husband Chris Gregg and daughter Beth. On 30 January 2012, it was announced on Calendar that Talbot had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and would be taking a break from the programme for treatment and recovery.

Who are the reporters on ITV news?


  • Anushka Asthana: Deputy Political Editor.
  • Carl Dinnen: Political Correspondent.
  • Daniel Hewitt: Political Correspondent.
  • Shehab Khan: Political Reporter.
  • Robert Peston: Political Editor.
  • Romilly Weeks: Political Correspondent.
  • Libby Wiener: Political Correspondent.

How old is Christine Talbot?

52 years (September 15, 1969)
Christine Talbot/Age

What age is Julie Etchingham?

52 years (August 21, 1969)
Julie Etchingham/Age

How old is Christine Talbots daughter?

Christine’s first thoughts were for her 14-year-old daughter, Beth. “I just thought ‘I’m going to die’ but if I can live long enough to get Beth to be about 19 then I would be happy.

Why is Christine Talbot leaving Look North?

Back in May, Christine said that it was “time to move on” but said the decision to leave was really difficult. She later revealed in an interview she decided to leave as she wanted more “flexibility” and more time to spend with her family, including her mum and husband.

What nationality is Rohit kachroo?

Rohit Kachroo won the Specialist Journalist of the Year at the Royal Television Society Journalism Awards for his brilliant security stories….Rohit Kachroo Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Him.

Name Rohit Kachroo
Age 37 years
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Journalist

Who presented ITV London news tonight?

Presenter Faye Barker
Presenter Faye Barker looks ahead to what’s coming up on tonight’s programme.

Why is Christine Talbot leaving ITV?

What age is Mary Nightingale?

58 years (May 26, 1963)
Mary Nightingale/Age

Who is Julie Etchinghams husband?

Nick Gardnerm. 1997
Julie Etchingham/Husband

How old is Gaynor?

60 years (September 27, 1961)
Gaynor Barnes/Age

Who are the presenters of ITV News at ten?

Julie Etchingham – co-presenter of ITV News at Ten from January 2008. Sherrie Eugene – regular presenter and sign language interpreter on HTV News West, and later The West Tonight, from 1982 until 2001. Sam Hall — on-screen reporter, occasional newscaster; later, newscaster, reporter and Washington correspondent for TV-am

What is ititv news?

ITV News is the branding of news programmes on the British television network ITV. ITV has a long tradition of television news.

Who was the first female presenter on ITV News?

Felicity Barr — first female sports correspondent for ITV News in 2001. Martin Bashir – left BBC in 1999 to join ITV, working on special documentary programmes and features for Tonight. Seán Batty — meteorologist, currently working for STV. Andrea Benfield — journalist and presenter, ITV News: Wales at Six.

Who is the main presenter on Channel Four News?

Alex Thomson (journalist) – long-serving main presenter and reporter on Channel Four News. He joined the programme in 1988 and has worked in various roles, covering more than 20 wars and conflicts and many major news events. He currently works as the programme’s Chief Correspondent and Newsreader.