Who is being addressed as you in the poem?

Who is being addressed as you in the poem?

The ‘you’ in the question is ‘whooping cranes’ and they are no longer present and were the part of the past. Explanation: The questions are from the poem named ”The lost dance of cranes’ that is written by Juliet Wilson.

What they fought each other for this is the most puzzling question in the context of all wars How?

This is the most puzzling question in the context of all wars. How? Answer: The children wanted to know the outcome of war from their grandfather, Old Kaspar. They failed to understand why the war was fought.

What is meant by a Childing mother?

Childing mothers are those womans which are giving birth to young ones and the war causes destruction and death of innocent people which include the childing mothers and their babies.

What is the moral of after Blenheim?

Southey’s poem After Blenheim is an anti-war poem. He is ironic here to present the fact that people in general glorify war and war-heroes without knowing what good it does to mankind or why a victory is called ‘great’ or ‘famous’.

Who was old Kaspar?

kaspar was old person in after blenheim who was a common farmer who ploughs the field and grows crops. Old Kaspar was representative of the oridinary common people who believe in the claim of authority.

What have you learned from your mother?

60 lessons i’ve learned from my mom

  • Be generous with others. Anyone who knows my mom knows she’s one of the most generous people in the world.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Strive to be patient.
  • Open yourself to new ideas.
  • Support those you love.
  • Look for the positive.
  • Show interest in others’ lives.
  • Spend time with your friends.

What is the tone of the poem after Blenheim?

The poem is in ironical tone where the poet presents the common people’s misconceptions regarding war, how they fall prey to the propaganda that was indoctrinated in them and how they glorify war and the so-called war-heroes.

What did old Kaspar take from the boy?

Answer: The boy is Peterkin grandson y old Kaspar. The old Kaspar took a round and large thing from him.

What was the wicked thing why was it with?

The Wicked thing was the furious battle of Blenheim. It is so called as The Wicked thing because it causes almost all the strange and unacceptable thing which are fatal, furious and wicked.

What is the irony used in the last two lines here?

Answer. the irony used in the last two lines here is that old man says that thousands of men were killed and it is a great victory.

What does being a mother teach you?

Being a Mum has taught me infinite love, strength, empathy, sacrifice resilience and strength. My beautiful children have taught me the joy of seeing rainbow magic in everything we do; anything can be made into an exciting adventure.

Who is being addressed and tone?

Answer. The grandchildren Peterkin and Wilhelmine are addressed by Kaspar. The tone is assertive and emphatic as he feels that Battle Of Blenheim was a grand victory of English over the French.