Who has the fastest stumping record?

Who has the fastest stumping record?

MS Dhoni
11List of Top 10 fastest stumping in cricket history

S.N Fastest stumping in cricket
1. MS Dhoni stumps Keemo Paul
2. Ben Cox stumps Calum MacLeod
3. Mark Boucher brilliance against Atapattu
4. MS Dhoni stumps Mitchell Marsh

Who is the world’s fastest wicket keeper?

MS Dhoni holds the record of most number of stumpings in international cricket. Sri Lanka cricket great Kumar Sangakkara called former India captain MS Dhoni the quickest in the world when it comes to wicket-keeping.

Who is the king of stumping?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Mahi or Captain Cool as he is affectionately called, has worn a lot of hats, from an explosive middle order batsman to promoting himself up the order to winning all 3 major ICC trophies (he’s the only captain to do so till date).

What is the speed of Dhoni stumping?

0.08 seconds
He holds the world record for fastest stumping with a timing of 0.08 seconds. In 2018, Dhoni’s lightning-fast stumping of 0.08 seconds caught all the eyes. He stumped West Indies’ Keemo Paul in an ODI match at Mumbai which made the world stand for him.

Is MSD faster than Usain Bolt?

#1 Bettering Usain Bolt’s running speed Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth holds the world record for finishing a 100 meters race in just 9.58 seconds. Dhoni had once run 20 meters in just 2.7 seconds that too with his pads on. He outran Usain Bolt by 0.19 seconds.

Who is best stumper in the world?

Top 10 Best Wicket Keeper In The World

  • Jeff Dujon (West Indies)
  • Brad Haddin (Australia)
  • Rod Marsh (Australia)
  • Ian Healy (Australia)
  • Kumar Sangakkara (Sria Lanka)
  • MS Dhoni (India)
  • Adam Gilchrist (Australia)
  • Mark Boucher (South Africa)

Who is the king of wicket-keeper?

Kumar Sangakkara (Sria Lanka) Sangakkara, a known legend of the game, has played 594 international matches in his international career, which is the most by any wicket-keeper.

Is Dhoni stumping faster than light?

Bowled by Imran Tahir, as soon as the ball was hit by Gill, Dhoni collected the ball and stumped him faster than the speed of light… Well, not literally, but you get the gist. Gill’s bat was still in the air as he stumbled forward, but Dhoni had already done the deed and sent him packing.

Is Dhoni faster than Bolt?

How fast can Dhoni run?

31 km/h
Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, while running a double against Australia in the second T20I, clocked his personal highest speed of 31 km/h while running between the wickets.

Who runs faster MS Dhoni or Virat Kohli?

Kohli fastest to hit 5,000 ODI runs as captain, breaks Dhoni’s record by 45 innings. Team India captain Virat Kohli on Sunday became the fastest batsman to score 5,000 runs in ODI cricket as captain. The 31-year-old reached the milestone in 82 innings, breaking former India captain MS Dhoni’s record.