Who do I call about my NY State tax refund?

Who do I call about my NY State tax refund?

Call the Tax Department’s automated refund-status line anytime at 518-457-5149.

How do I contact IRS state?

General information: 1-800-829-1040.

Why is it taking so long to get my refund?

Some tax returns take longer to process than others for many reasons, including when a return: Includes errors, such as incorrect Recovery Rebate Credit. Includes a claim filed for an Earned Income Tax Credit or an Additional Child Tax Credit.

What causes delay in tax refund?

A common cause of delayed tax return processing, leading to delayed refunds, is missing information on the return. “Failure to include basic information, such as the Social Security numbers of dependents, can significantly hold up a refund,” according to Lee E. Holland, CPA, CFP, and former IRS agent.

What comes first state or federal refund?

Federal has always come first and the state return usually a week or two after. Did something go wrong? It is typically 21 days from when the return was accepted. However, if the return contained refundable additional child tax credits or the earned income tax credit, this 21-day date may not be accurate.

Does IRS handle state taxes?

Under the State Income Tax Levy Program, the IRS can levy (take) your state tax refund to offset back taxes, addressing any tax debt you might owe.

How do I Check my state tax refund?

To check your Arizona state refund, visit the state’s Check Refund Status page. You can also access this by going to AZTaxes.gov and selecting “Where’s My Refund?” Required information for checking your status is your SSN, your filing status, your zip code and the year of the return. Where’s My State Tax Refund – Arkansas

Where is my state refund Ohio?

Where’s My State Refund – Ohio. The Department of Taxation for Ohio provides an online form to check your refund status. To see the status, you will need to enter your SSN, date of birth and the type of tax return. You also need to specify if it is an amended return.

Where is my state tax refund Nebraska?

Where’s My State Tax Refund – Nebraska It’s possible to check you tax refund status by visiting the revenue department’s Refund Informationpage. On that page you can learn more about the state’s tax refunds and you can check the status of your refund.

Where is my state refund Connecticut?

Where’s My State Refund – Connecticut. You can check the status of your Connecticut tax refund by going to the Taxpayer Service Center. Then select “Check on the Status of Your Refund” on the left side of the page. If you filed electronically, you can expect your return to get processed in as little as a few days.