Who designed Tallwoods golf course?

Who designed Tallwoods golf course?

Michael Hurdzan PhD
Tallwoods golf course is an established, world-class, 18-hole championship golf course designed by Michael Hurdzan PhD, one of the world’s leading environmental golf course designers and US Golf World’s 1997 Architect of the Year.

Who owns Tallwoods golf course?

Barry Sale and Susan Pace have bought the Tallwoods Country Club. Golfers are hoping the rocky history experienced by the Tallwoods Country Club during its 20 year history has been swept aside after retired businessman Barry Sale, and his daughter Susan Pace bought the run-down course.

Who is the director of tallwoods Country Club?

With his daughter, Susan Pace, as director of Tallwoods Country Club, they immediately ploughed more than $1 million into improvements on and off the course. Tallwoods has long had a reputation for its tough par 3s.

What is there to do in tallwoods Country Club?

Scuba diving is great in this area, as well as dolphin and whale watching cruises. Tallwoods Country Club is the home to The Kranky Goat Restaurant which is perfect for casual dining anytime of the day. With a relaxed, informal atmosphere and a passionate team, they create a unique food experience that you’ll love.

What happened to tallwoods Golf Club?

The 11th is a gem of a par 3, with water, sand and timber all in play. With fewer than 300 residential members, Tallwoods’ viability relied heavily upon revenue from play-and-stay visitors. Hence, when previous owners sold off the short-term rental accommodation, the business model for Tallwoods collapsed.

Who is the owner of tallwoods?

Enticed by the romance of owning a golf course, Sale purchased Tallwoods and began the mammoth task of resurrecting what James Fairfax originally built as the epicentre of a $54 million residential development.