Who designed Roxy album covers?

Who designed Roxy album covers?

Perhaps finding it hard to top Jerry Hall, when Roxy Music returned after a four-year hiatus they threw a fake party with a collection of mannequins – some apparently designed with the original Roxy Music cover star, Kari-Ann Muller, in mind.

Who are the girls on the Roxy Music cover?

The title of the fourth Roxy album, Country Life, was intended as a parody of the well-known British rural magazine of the same name, and the visually punning front cover photo featured two models (two German fans, Constanze Karoli and Eveline Grunwald) clad only in semi-transparent lingerie standing in a forest.

Who was the models on Roxy Music album covers?

Shot by Eric Boman, the Country Life cover features two scantily-clad models, Constanze Karoli (sister of Can’s Michael Karoli) and Eveline Grunwald (who was also Michael Karoli’s girlfriend).

Who is the model in the Roxy Music Avalon video?

actress Sophie Ward
Promotional video The song’s music video was directed by Ridley Scott and features the English actress Sophie Ward, daughter of actor Simon Ward. It was filmed in Mentmore Towers country house.

Who were the original members of Roxy Music?

Formed in 1971, Roxy Music was largely the brainchild of Ferry, who had studied with Richard Hamilton, a key figure in British pop art. A shifting early lineup stabilized around Ferry, Mackay, Eno, Manzanera, and Thompson.

What makes the Roxy Music album cover so special?

Startling both in its simplicity and in the way it cut against the grain for rock and pop albums of the early 70s, the Roxy Music album cover came across more as a fashion shoot than a sleeve for a vinyl disc.

Who is on the cover of the original rubberroxy music?

Roxy Music, particularly the album’s LP incarnation, has been released in different packages over the years. The album’s original cover, as issued in 1972 by Island Records, featured a gatefold sleeve picturing the band (including original bass guitarist Graham Simpson) in stage attire designed by Antony Price,…

Who was the girl on the cover of Roxy Music?

Roxy Music (1972) Cornwall-born Kari-Ann Muller was a former Bond girl (she appeared in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) paid a scant £20 to appear on the cover of Roxy Music – a steal for the then unknown band, whose debut album would go on to define 70s art-rock.

What’s on the back of a Roxy Records CD?

The discs are sleeved on the back inside cover. 2) CDs: The first is the 1999 remaster, which most Roxy Music fans may have. The second is BBC and Peel sessions, which are fun to hear from a pseudo-live aspect. The third disc is demos and sessions, which most Roxy fans will enjoy.