Who composed Baccolo Baccolo Rosso Veneto?

Who composed Baccolo Baccolo Rosso Veneto?

Extraordinary Wines Baccolo Baccolo Rosso Veneto is composed by Merlot and Corvina

What does Bacco stand for?

BACCOLO. Baccolo is a tribute to the ancient wine divinity (Bacco). Perfect blends of indigenous and noble varietals to obtain complex and fruit-driven wines and to protect the viticulture Biodiversity Veneto wine blends, extraordinary wines, extraordinary wine, extraordinary blends, extraordinary blend, Baccolo wines, Baccolo blend,…

What is the alcohol content of a Veneto wine?

ROSSO VENETO Denomination: Veneto IGT Alcohol: 13,5% by vol. Serving temperature: 16°C Colour: Dark bordeaux Bouquet: Intense of spice and ripe fruit