Who can take AM2?

Who can take AM2?

The AM2 assessment is the final practical assessment undertaken by electrical trainees. Typically the assessment is taken to obtain a C&G 2357, 2365, 2330, EAL Electricians Diploma, or NVQ qualification.

What is on the AM2 exam?

Section A – Composite installation – Time to complete: 8 h 30 min. Section B – Inspection, Testing and Certification – Time to complete: 3 h 30 min. Section C – Fault Diagnosis – Time to complete: 2 hours. Section D – On-line exam – Time to complete: 1 hour.

What is the difference between AM2 and AM2S?

AM2 is the assessment of competence for the apprenticeship framework and Mature Candidate Assessment. AM2S is not available as a stand-alone assessment outside of the apprenticeship. It will only be recognised by the JIB for an ECS card when taken as part of an industry apprenticeship.

What is the AM2 preparation course?

This online AM2 Preparation Course has been developed to fully prepare the candidate for their AM2 Practical Assessment. It gives you all the information, hints and tips that you will need to pass your AM2, including; the installation, test and inspection, fault finding and the online exam.

Do I need to take the AM2 test?

You must take the AM2 test if you are: An oversees qualified electrician (from Poland or Hungary for example) who needs approval in order to gain the JIB card as an electrician From January 2011 the AM2 requirements have changed, which means that all candidates must take the exam according to the new program.

What is the AM2 Electrotechnical assessment?

The AM2 Electrotechnical Assessment is issued by the National Electrotechnical Network (NET), are intended as a revision guide to help apprentices and trainees in preparation for the AM2 assessment, which forms an essential part of the Electrical Advanced Apprenticeship.

What are some helpful hints and tips for passing AM2?

These helpful hints and tips include making sure to familiarise yourself with all aspects of the Building Regulations and Wiring Regulations, together with post-assessment administration advice, including the process should you need to re-sit the exam. What is AM2?