Who built nyari bridge?

Who built nyari bridge?

The construction of the two bridges started in 1978 and completed in 1980 and was done by Sumitomo Construction Company under the supervision of H.P. Gauff. New Nyali bridge:-It is 391.65 metres long and 26.3 metres wide with a total of six lanes.

How long is Nyali Bridge in Kenya?

New Nyali Bridge/Total length

When was Nyali bridge built?

The bridge linked the Mzizima district of Mombasa to Nyali, and was built in 1931. In 1980, the bridge was superseded by the New Nyali Bridge (located approximately 0.55 miles (0.89 km) to the north), leaving the steel bridge to be dismantled for scrap.

Where is the Old Nyali Bridge?

Nyali Bridge/Location

How tall is Nyali bridge?

330 metres
The main bridge is 330 metres prestressed continuous box girder over three spans with the centre span of 150 metres. The outer spans are 90 metres each. The bridge is founded on piled foundation.

Which is the longest bridge in Kenya?

Kilifi Bridge
Kilifi Bridge is the longest bridge in Kenya with a total length of 420 metres. The superstructure is a prestressed continuous box girder carrying two lanes. The bridge has three spans.

Is Nyali bridge a floating bridge?

The Old Nyali Bridge (a floating bridge) stood approximately 800 m downstream from the current crossing. The floating bridge was commissioned by Governor Joseph Byrne in 1931.

Where is Nyali bridge in Kenya?

New Nyali Bridge/Location

How many bridges are in Mombasa?

Major bridges

Name Location
1 Mombasa Gate Bridge project Likoni – Mombasa Island 4°04′17.5″S 39°39′17.3″E
2 Nyali Bridge Mombasa – Mombasa Island 4°02′34.1″S 39°40′20.9″E
3 Mtwapa Bridge Mtwapa – Mombasa 3°57′19.0″S 39°44′29.7″E
4 Kilifi Bridge Kilifi – Mnarani 3°38′10.6″S 39°50′54.5″E