Who bought Hills stores?

Who bought Hills stores?

Ames Department Stores Inc.
Ames Department Stores Inc. said it agreed to acquire Hills Stores Co., in a deal that would create the nation’s fourth-largest discount-retail chain. The transaction is valued at $127 million plus the assumption of lease obligations and other debt.

How many hills Department stores were there?

Hills operates more than 200 stores in 14 states, mostly in the Midwest, selling apparel and houshold items. It listed assets and liabilities of about $1 billion each as of Dec. 31, 1990.

What year did Hills Department Stores close?

August 1999
Hills/Ceased operations

When did hills close in Uniontown Pa?

It was a good place to work but they closed in 2002.

Who bought Ames?


Final Zayre logo, used from 1978 to 1990
Type Department store
Fate Acquired by Ames BJ’s Wholesale Club acquired by Waban Inc.
Successor TJX Companies
Headquarters Framingham, Massachusetts

When Did Ames go out of business?

Emerging from Bankruptcy in 1992. Finally, on December 20, 1992, a bankruptcy judge approved Ames’s plan to leave Chapter 11. Ten days later, the company consummated the plan and formally emerged from bankruptcy. The new Ames operated 309 stores in 14 states, a drastic reduction from its peak of 678 stores.

What happened to Gold Circle stores?

Gold Circle was a discount department store chain based in Ohio. Founded in 1967, it was a division of Federated Department Stores with 76 stores when the chain was sold and dismantled in 1988.

When did GC Murphy go out of business?

G. C. Murphy

G.C. Murphy’s Richmond, Virginia, store on Broad Street and Fourth designed by Murphy corporate architect Harold Ellsworth Crosby. It was demolished to make way for a parking lot in 2004.
Industry 5&10 Variety Stores
Defunct 2002
Fate Acquired by Ames, later McCrory
Headquarters McKeesport, Pennsylvania

What is the oldest department store in California?

Robinson’s, in 1993 to form Robinsons-May. May Company California was established in 1923 when May acquired A….May Company California.

Hamburger’s building (later May Company downtown L.A. flagship) at 8th and Broadway, ca. 1912
Industry Department store

When did hills become a department store?

In the late 1950s, Hills stores were full-fledged department stores (as opposed to the discount department stores for which the chain later became known). Herbert H. Goldberger, the founder of Hills, sold the chain to SCOA Industries, (Shoe Company of America), of Columbus, Ohio, in 1964.

What happened to homehills department stores?

Hills department stores went out of business in the 1990’s. They were a regional chain that was acquired by Ames Department stores who also went out of business. Was this review helpful?

Why did Hills go out of business?

All of the company’s subsidiaries but Hills were sold off, but the $642 million deal left the discount retailer with substantial debt. Hills took on even more debt four years later, when it bought 33 Gold Circle stores from Federated Department Stores. Those stores formed part of the 41 new stores Hills opened in 1989.

What is Hills?

“Hills is, the low cost living, anti-inflation department store.” “We’re a different kind of department store- you oughta be shopping Hills! (Check us out!)” “We’re a different kind of discount store, and the proof is in the price!”