Who are the original 69 Eyes?

Who are the original 69 Eyes?

Band history. Formed in the bars of Helsinki, Finland in the summer of 1989 by Jyrki 69, Archzie (formerly of Syyskuu), Timo-Timo, Lotto and Bazie, The 69 Eyes originally had a glam metal style and were compared to other Finnish glam metal acts such as Smack and Hanoi Rocks.

What was the last glam era album by 69 Eyes?

1997 saw the release of Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams, which fans generally mark as the last 69 Eyes “glam-era” album. The title track of this album was re-recorded for the Angels album 10 years later. The goth rock infused Wasting the Dawn was released in 1999 and was considered a milestone success for the band.

Who is the director of the 69 Eyes’new music video?

As first taster for the new album, THE 69 EYES reveals the music video directed by Los Angeles-based Vicente Cordero (3 Teeth, “Room 37- The Mysterious Death of Johnny Thunders” movie) for their new single ’27 & Done’. The clip features excerpts from the horror film ‘The 27 Club’ by Cleopatra Entertainment which will be out on June 13, 2019.

When is the 69 Eyes’ new album release date?

On 25 May 2019, The 69 Eyes announced they were to release their twelfth studio album on Friday the 13th of September 2019 via Nuclear Blast. Jyrki 69 gave a few details about the new record, saying “I feel like this planet is on some turning point. The end of the western world is near and the question is: What is happening when the west ends..?

When did the 69 Eyes release Devils?

At the end of 2003, The 69 Eyes signed to EMI Finland as they geared up to record Devils. The “Lost Boys” single was released in Finland at this time, paying homage to the film of the same name as anticipation for the full-length album grew. 2004 saw the release of Devils, their 8th album, to which they toured the UK in support of Wednesday 13.