Who are the main characters in The Government Inspector?

Who are the main characters in The Government Inspector?

Cast of Characters ANTON ANTONOVICH, The Governor or Mayor ANNA ANDREYEVNA, his wife. MARYA ANTONOVNA, his daughter. LUKA LUKICH Khlopov, Director of Schools. Madame Khlopov His wife.

How would you describe the Government inspector?

The Government Inspector is a story of deception and self-deception. The townspeople deceive themselves into believing that Hlestakov is the government inspector, whereupon Hlestakov takes advantage of the case of mistaken identity, further extending the deception to his own advantage.

What is the purpose of the government inspector describe him?

The government inspector who checks the slaughtered pigs for signs of tuberculosis often lets several carcasses go unchecked. Spoiled meat is specially doctored in secret before it is scattered among the rest of the meat in preparation for canning and packing.

Who is the protagonist in The Government Inspector?

This person is Khlestakov, an impoverished young civil servant. When the Mayor and his crew learn that Khlestakov has been charging his large hotel bill to the crown, they think he is the dreaded government inspector!

What type of drama is the Government inspector?

The Government Inspector
Date premiered 1 May 1836
Place premiered Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia
Original language Russian
Genre Comedy

Who is the author of Government inspector?

Nikolai Gogol
The Government Inspector/Playwrights

Who wrote the government inspector?

The Government Inspector/Playwrights
The Government Inspector, farcical drama in five acts by Nikolay Gogol, originally performed and published as Revizor in 1836. The play, sometimes translated as The Inspector General, mercilessly lampoons the corrupt officials of an obscure provincial town that is portrayed as a microcosm of the Russian state.

Where is the government inspector from?

St. Petersburg, Russia
Revizor, literally: “Inspector”), is a satirical play by Russian-Ukrainian dramatist and novelist, Nikolai Gogol….

The Government Inspector
Written by Nikolai Gogol
Date premiered 1 May 1836
Place premiered Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia
Original language Russian

When was government inspector written?

The Government Inspector/Date written

Who are the characters in Hamlet and what do they do?

The officers who first see the ghost walking the ramparts of Elsinore and who summon Horatio to witness it. Marcellus is present when Hamlet first encounters the ghost. A soldier and guardsman at Elsinore. Polonius’s servant, who is sent to France by Polonius to check up on and spy on Laertes.

What is the plot of the Government Inspector?

The plot of The Government Inspector hinges on a case of mistaken identity, when a lowly impoverished young civil servant from Saint Petersburg, Hlestakov, is mistaken by the members of a small provincial town for a high-ranking government inspector.

Why does the town mistake hestakov for the Inspector?

Hlestakov has lost all of his money gambling and is unable to pay his food and lodging bill at the inn. The people of the town mistake him for the government inspector, who was set to arrive there incognito to check up on the workings of the local government.

How does Gogol describe the governor in the Government Inspector?

In his notes on the characters, Gogol describes the governor as “a man who The Government Inspector was adapted to the screen in a 1949 American film entitled The Inspector General. It starred Danny Kaye as the character of Hlestakov and was directed by Henry Foster.