Who are the Longos gang?

Who are the Longos gang?

The East Side Longos is a Mexican-American gang that was founded in Long Beach, California during the 1960s. The gang was the largest Sureno gang in the Harbor Area of Long Beach, and it paid homage to the Mexican Mafia.

What is the West Side gang?

Allies. The Westside Locos gang is part of a larger Locos 13 alliance of smaller gangs located throughout Los Angeles County. This alliance includes the CV Locos of Compton, as well as the Westside Locos of Glendale. The gang also has a subset in Simi Valley.

Who started the West Side Crips?

Raymond Washington
Known for Criminal activity and being one of the founders of the Crips street gang
Criminal charge Robbery
Penalty 5 years in prison
Date apprehended 1974

What does Longo mean?

Italian: nickname from lóngo ‘tall’, ‘lanky’, a dialect variant of lungo (from Latin longus). In some cases the surname may be Spanish or Portuguese, of the same derivation and meaning.

Is Westside a Crip?

Stanley “Tookie” Williams, founder of the West Side Crips The Westside Crips were an African American street gang founded in Los Angeles, California in 1971 by Stanley “Tookie” Williams. Today, the Westside Crips are represented by all neighborhoods claiming the Neighbor Hood Crips , Mafia Crips and Rollin 0s card.

What does the West Side symbol mean?

What does the W with your fingers mean? Whatever – made with the thumb and forefinger of both hands to form the letter “W”, the gesture is used to signal that something is not worth the time and energy.

Who are Crips opps?

The Crips were well-known for their rivalry with the Bloods—even though infighting caused three times more deaths. In an effort to distingush between the gang members, the Crips began wearing blue clothing or other items, while the Bloods became associated with red.

Where are the gangs in Chicago?

Breakdown of the Chicago Gangs.. From the Chicago hoods of the South Side to the areas where Chicago gangs roam on the West Side to the heart of the Chicago ghetto areas of the North and East sides, this article breaks down the full background and history while giving a tour of every urban section of the city.

Who are the east and West Side Longos?

The images show members of the East and West Side Longos – Hispanic-American street gangs with ties to Mexican drug cartels. Along with the North Side Longos, they form Varrio Longo 13 – the largest gang in an umbrella group called Sureños, or Southerners, which pay tribute to the Mexican Mafia, according to United Gangs.

What is the east side Longo gang in Los Angeles?

In the past, the East Side Longo and West Side Longo agreed to a truce in an attempt to wipe out the Tiny Rascals Gang and their allies the Insane Crips. The Eastside Longos are allies of the Barrio Viejo Gang and the Latin Town Playboyz as well as the Crazy Latin Boys and the Mexican Mafia.

Where did gangs start on the west side?

Starting along Madison in East Garfield Park, the community would eventually make its way into North Lawndale and West Garfield Park, followed by the Austin neighborhood by the 1970s and 1980s. Chicago gangs of the West Side date back to the 1950s and 1960s.