Who are the Aurora City Council members?

Who are the Aurora City Council members?

Aurora City Council

Ward / Title Member Phone
Mayor Richard C. Irvin 630-256-3010
Ward 1 Emmanuel Llamas 630-272-4225
Ward 2 Juany Garza 630-499-5560
Ward 3 Ted Mesiacos 331-452-3479

Who is mayor of Aurora?

Mike CoffmanSince 2019

Which form of local government does Aurora have?

The city of Aurora operates under a council/manager form of government, combining the political leadership of elected officials with the managerial expertise of a professionally trained, local government manager appointed to the position.

How many city council members are there in Colorado?

The council consists of seven members – one member for each of the four legislative districts, two at-large members, and the mayor. Beginning in 2021, all council members are elected to 4-year terms.

What is a Alterman?

An alderman is a member of a municipal assembly or council in many jurisdictions founded upon English law. The term may be titular, denoting a high-ranking member of a borough or county council, a council member chosen by the elected members themselves rather than by popular vote, or a council member elected by voters.

How much does the mayor of Aurora IL make?

Mayor Tom Weisner earned $111,841.6. Assistant Chief of Staff Charles Nelson earned $98,966.40. Chief Management Officer Carie Ergo earned $100,630.40. City Clerk Cheryl Vonhoff earned $115,980.80.

What high schools are in Aurora Illinois?

2022 Best Public High Schools in Aurora

  • Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. Public School.
  • Metea Valley High School. Indian Prairie Community Unit School District No.
  • Waubonsie Valley High School.
  • Kaneland Senior High School.
  • West Aurora High School.
  • East Aurora High School.
  • Hope D.
  • Indian Plains High School.

Is Aurora bigger than Denver?

Despite the fact that Aurora is the third-largest city in Colorado (behind Denver proper and Colorado Springs), Aurora is still considered “just” a suburb of Denver and not a city in its own right, especially not on a national level. Aurora is bigger than Denver — just less built out.

What is Aurora CO known for?

Aurora, Colorado is the state’s third largest city, and it’s known for its cultural food, artistic exhibits, outdoor recreation, and relaxing atmosphere. Sailing, golfing, art, fast-pitch softball, and live theater are examples of common things to do in the city.

How many council members are in Colorado Springs?

nine members
City Council consists of nine members: one member from each of the six council districts and three at-large members. Each council member serves a four-year term.

How much do Englewood City Council members make?

(b) The salary of Council members shall be two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) per year.

How many members are on Aurora City Council?

The Aurora City Council is composed of a mayor and 10 council members. Of those 10 members, six are ward council members, representing one of the six wards that section the city. The remaining four council members are elected at large, like the mayor, to represent the entire city.

How many candidates are running for Aurora City Council at large?

On September 30, five of the six candidates running for Aurora City Council at large participated in a virtual candidate’s forum sponsored by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, League of Women Voters of Arapahoe and Douglas Counties (LWV), Aurora Women’s Club, 9News, Sentinel Colorado and Telemundo Denver. Vicki Harimon of LWV moderated.

Who is the mayor and city manager of Aurora?

The current Mayor of Aurora is Mike Coffman. Coffman assumed office on December 2, 2019. The city manager is the city’s chief executive.

What type of government does Aurora have?

The city of Aurora utilizes a council-manager system. In this form of municipal government, an elected city council—which includes the mayor and serves as the city’s primary legislative body—appoints a chief executive called a city manager to oversee day-to-day municipal operations and implement the council’s policy and legislative initiatives.