Who are Giles and Posner?

Who are Giles and Posner?

Giles & Posner was founded in 2001 by two chefs, Darren Giles and Justin Posner, who originally created a chocolate fountain rental business for the professional catering market.

What chocolate do you use for a chocolate fountain?

What Chocolate do you use for a Chocolate Fountain? Without exception, the finest chocolate for a chocolate fountain is Belgian. You’ll find it is a superior grade that melts very easily at a low temperature which means the sugar it contains won’t burn.

Can you put normal chocolate in a fountain?

Yes, you can use any chocolate in a chocolate fountain, but it has to be formulated to have a lower viscosity, or in simpler terms make it runnier. If you add melted chocolate to a fountain without thinning it out, it will clog your machine. We’ve Made It Easy: We carry chocolate already formulated for fountain use.

What oil is best for chocolate fountain?

But I stumbled onto the perfect solution: unrefined coconut oil. A ratio of one tablespoon of coconut oil per cup of semi-sweet morsels works perfectly and tastes delicious. Chocolate Fountain Tip ♥ Use a ratio of 1 Tbls Coconut Oil: 1 cup Chocolate Chips = Smooth, Delicious Perfection!

How do you thin out chocolate for a fountain?

Well, “fountain” chocolate needs to be a fair amount thinner. Most fountains will recommend using vegetable oil to thin it out, using about ¼ cup of oil per 2 – 2.5 lbs of chocolate used. (This is assuming better quality chocolate, with high levels of cocoa butter. Lower quality chocolate will require more oil).

What can I dip in a chocolate fountain?

Chocolate Fountain Dipping Foods

  • Marshmallows.
  • Novelty Marshmallows.
  • Fresh Strawberries.
  • Fresh Pineapple.
  • Fudge.
  • Bananas.
  • Seedless grapes.
  • Doughnuts/profiteroles (depending upon availability)

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