Which YouView box is best?

Which YouView box is best?

Cord Busters’ Best YouView Boxes For 2022

Rank YouView Box Our Rating
1 BT Ultra HD YouView Recorder DTR-T4000 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2 Humax HD YouView 500GB Recorder DTR-T2000 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
3 TalkTalk HD YouView 320GB Recorder DN372T ⭐⭐⭐⭐
4 BT YouView HD 500GB Recorder ⭐⭐⭐

Does YouView work with Sky?

Content YouView offers all the Freeview channels and a similar number of niche lifestyle channels as Sky, as well as the free-to-air HD channels – but it doesn’t offer Sky channels. Recording As with the EPG, my YouView box often took a while to respond when I clicked a button on the remote.

What is the point of YouView?

YouView provides access to free-to-air digital terrestrial television (DTT) channels from Freeview using an aerial connection, and to TV on demand (“catch-up TV”) services using a broadband internet connection.

Is Sky or BT TV better?

The winner has to be Sky. This is down to its superior TV service, and simple choice of two broadband speeds. It also has the edge over BT when it comes to customer service. Its contract lengths are shorter both for broadband and for its SIM deals, and it offers greater flexibility overall.

Is YouView better than Freeview?

Ultimately, a choice between the two boils down to devices. Freeview Play is the standard for connected TVs, and YouView isn’t going to challenge it. However, YouView has the lead in the ISP TV set-top boxes, and is being aggressively developed by BT. Freeview Play, then, is our TV platform to watch.

Do you pay for YouView?

There is no monthly subscription charge. However, there are half the amount of TV channels available with YouView and even less choice in terms of pay-per-view content.

Does YouView exist?

YouView is available in all major retailers and many independent electrical stores including John Lewis, Currys Digital, Argos, Tesco, Amazon, Richer Sounds, Euronics and Maplins. YouView is available as part of broadband bundle through TalkTalk and BT. YouView is also available on a range Sony Android TV’s.

Can you connect a BT box to a Sky dish?

You cannot connect a Sky dish to your BT Box. You’ll need to have a TV (Freeview) aerial installed. Another option is to buy a Freesat box and connect that to your Sky Dish.

Why is my Sky bill so expensive?

Why is your SKY bill higher than others? The amount you pay for your phone or wifi often depends on how loyal you’ve been to SKY. If you joined on a cheap offer then after a time you could have been moved up to a higher “Standard Tariff” and then you could have had ten years of price hikes added to your bill.

What’s cheaper Sky or BT?

BT TV is generally a lot cheaper than Sky TV – although both providers often have special deals and offers on. For an accurate idea of pricing, it’s best to compare your options.

Can I watch YouView without an aerial?

You will need an aerial to enable YouView and to have retuned your TV to a UK digital TV signal at least once, thereafter if the aerial is removed you will only be able to watch On Demand and use the search features (Internet required).

Does YouView work without aerial?

You will need an aerial to enable YouView and to have retuned your TV to a UK digital TV signal at least once, thereafter if the aerial is removed you will only be able to watch On Demand and use the search features (Internet required). NOTE: YouView does not work with a satellite dish.

What is YouView and how do I use it?

One of YouView’s best features is that it’s incredibly user-friendly. Catch up, for instance, is integrated right into the TV guide – just scroll back in time to the episode you want to watch. You can browse programmes by genre or channel, or select the handy ‘more episodes’ button if you like what you just watched and fancy seeing more.

How much does a YouView box cost?

The box itself isn’t cheap and a YouView+ box can cost up to £100 more than the cheaper recording-free model. The initial cost is lower if you get a subscription from BT or TalkTalk though, as the YouView box is typically included with no upfront cost.

How does BT TV with YouView work?

BT offers three main options for TV with YouView, and they’re all available as part of a bundle with phone, broadband, and mobile as well. Starter includes a basic YouView box with over 100 channels, catch up and on demand, and you can add BT Sport (as long as your broadband has a download speed of at least 6.5Mb).

What is the difference between TalkTalk YouView and TV Plus?

YouView with TalkTalk. TalkTalk has two TV options: TV comes with a YouView box with over 70 channels, catch up and on demand, and the free TV2Go app for your mobile or tablet. TV Plus includes all of the above but with a YouView+ box and 14 extra entertainment channels.