Which UK county has the lowest population density?

Which UK county has the lowest population density?

Cumbria is the least densely populated English county and much less densely populated than the national average (England & Wales 387 people per km sq.). Population density varies considerably across Cumbria’s six districts; ranging from 25 people per km sq.

Where are the most densely populated areas in the UK?

As of 2020, the population density for the United Kingdom was 276 people per square kilometer, with London having by far the highest number of people per square km, at more than 5.7 thousand.

What is the most densely populated city in the UK?

Greater London
List of most populous urban areas

# Area Density (People/km2)
1 Greater London 5,630
2 Greater Manchester 4,051
3 West Midlands 4,076
4 West Yorkshire 3,645

What is England’s population density?

270 people per square kilometre
It is the 21st most populated land area in the world and has a population density of 270 people per square kilometre (700 people per square mile), with England having significantly greater density than Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

What is the population density of Great Britain?

281 per Km2
the United Kingdom population is equivalent to 0.87% of the total world population. the U.K. ranks number 21 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population. The population density in the United Kingdom is 281 per Km2 (727 people per mi2).

Is England more densely populated than the Netherlands?

With 426 people per km², as of 2016, England is densely populated when compared to most other European countries. But it’s not as densely populated as the Netherlands, where there were 505 people per km², or a much poorer country such as Bangladesh, where there were 1,252 per km².

What are the largest cities in the UK?

London. London,first settled during the reign of the Roman Empire over what is now Britain,is today the capital city of both England and the United Kingdom.

  • Birmingham. The city of Birmingham is in the West Midlands of England.
  • Manchester.
  • What is population density like in England?

    England’s population density is 407 people per square kilometer, the second most densely populated country in the European Union after Malta.

    What countries have the highest population density?

    Monaco – 19,361/km²

  • Singapore – 8,019/km²
  • Bahrain – 2,182/km²
  • Maldives – 1,802/km²
  • Malta – 1,642/km²
  • Bangladesh – 1,265/km²
  • Vatican City – 924/km² (2019 figure)
  • Barbados – 668/km²
  • Lebanon – 667/km²
  • Mauritius – 624/km²
  • What is the most densely populated country?

    The most densely populated nation in Europe is Monaco, with a population density of 16,923/km2. However, excluding microstates, the Netherlands would be the most densely populated European country, with a population density of 403/km2.