Which region is nkwanta?

Which region is nkwanta?

Volta Region
Nkwanta South District is located in the North Eastern section of the Volta Region.

Which region is Nkwanta in Ghana?

Nkwantanum in the region of Ghana (general) is located in Ghana – some 55 mi or ( 89 km ) West of Accra , the country’s capital . Local time in Nkwantanum is now 12:22 AM (Tuesday) .

Which region is Nkwanta North?

Volta Region of Ghana
The Nkwanta North District is one of the twenty five (25) Municipalities and Districts in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Which district is Duayaw Nkwanta?

Tano North Municipal District
Duayaw Nkwanta is a town and the capital of Tano North Municipal District, a municipal in the Ahafo Region of Ghana.

Who is the MP for Nkwanta South?

Nkwanta South (Ghana parliament constituency)

Nkwanta South
Created 2004
Party National Democratic Congress
MP Geoffrey Kini

Which language do Oti Region speak?

The Oti–Volta languages form a subgroup of the Gur languages, comprising about 30 languages of northern Ghana, Benin, and Burkina Faso spoken by twelve million people. The most populous language is Mõõré, the national language of Burkina, spoken by five million people….Oti–Volta languages.

Glottolog otiv1239

Who is the MP for Nkwanta North?

Nkwanta North (Ghana parliament constituency)

Nkwanta North
Created 2004
Party National Democratic Congress
MP John Oti Bless

What is the population of Nkwanta North?

The population of Nkwanta North District, according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census, is 64,553 representing 3.0 percent of the region’s total population. Males constitute 50.2 percent and females represent 48.8 percent. Seventy two percent of the population is rural.

Which ethnic group is found in the Oti Region and Volta Region?

Ewe people
Demographics. The native and largest ethnic group of the Volta Region (Togoland / British Togoland) are the Ewe people (68.5% of the population). They consist of several sub groups such as the Anlo Ewe, Tongu Ewe, Wedome and Avenor Ewe.

Where can savanna Region located in Ghana?

It is located in the north of the country. The Savannah Region is divided into 7 districts; Bole, Central Gonja, North Gonja, East Gonja, Sawla/Tuna/Kalba, West Gonja, North East Gonja and 7 Constituencies; Bole/Bamboi, Damongo, Daboya/Mankarigu, Salaga North, Salaga South, Sawla/Tuna/Kalba and Yapei/Kusawgu.