Which MBTI type is the most mysterious?

Which MBTI type is the most mysterious?

Most of the introverts seem mysterious, since most of them don’t easily open up and it leaves the other person curious. But also INFJ and INFP are more mysterious since there aren’t many of them. According to statistics, INFJ is the most rarest personality type, so not many know about them, so can appear mysterious.

Which personality type is secretive?

INTPs can certainly be secretive people, mostly because they keep a lot inside. They don’t feel comfortable sharing with most people, and can even struggle to open up to those they trust. INTPs are independent people who can often keep secrets to themselves without fully realizing they are doing this.

What personality type is mysterious?

The INFJ personality contains many layers and is indeed a trove of secrets. Private and mysterious, INFJs will reveal those layers slowly — if ever at all! Let’s dive into some of the “secrets” of the rarest personality type in the world.

Which MBTI is the most independent?

The INTJ is one of the most independent, private types in the MBTI.

Can INFPs keep secrets?

INFPs are amazing at keeping secrets and they almost do this instinctively without having to be asked. When an INFP is in the midst of a conversation with someone, they do not think to share another persons private words. They often find it very easy to keep peoples secrets and are extremely conscious of what they say.

Which MBTI type is most moral?

, ENTJ 2w3 / ESFJ studied and expanded on MBTI for 4 years. INFPs are the most ethical, as well as ISFJs and ESFJs. INFPs are more morally ethical, which means that when it comes to their beliefs, they refuse to compromise them. ISFJs and ESFJs are more practically ethical, so they do the right thing.

What’s the rarest MBTI type?

Personality type: INFJ is the rarest Myers-Briggs combination.

Which MBTI is the best friend?

1. ISFP. ISFPs makes the best friends because they have all the traits you look for in a BFF: they’re loyal, caring, trusting, and dedicated. They’re also observant, so they can tell when you’re not feeling your best and try to boost you up.