Which Great Barrier Reef tour is best?

Which Great Barrier Reef tour is best?

Best Overall: Great Barrier Reef Luxury Snorkel & Dive Cruise from Cairns. This tour receives hundreds of positive reviews on Viator and comprises a luxury cruise on a 65-foot catamaran. The boat departs from Cairns and visits two different sites for a total of six full hours on the Great Barrier Reef.

Is it cheaper to book excursions before a cruise?

Booking an independent excursion or tour guide usually will cost less than with the cruise line, since you can customize where you go and there is no “middle man” taking a cut of the cost. You could also skip an organized tour all together and rent a car, hop on a bus, or simply walk around on your own.

Where is the best snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef?

The Top Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling Spots

  • 1.Lady Elliot Island, Bundaberg.
  • Magnetic Island, Townsville.
  • Orpheus Island, Townsville.
  • Lady Musgrave Island, southern Great Barrier Reef.
  • Green Island, Cairns.
  • Hastings, Saxon and Norman Reefs, Cairns.
  • Ribbon Reefs, Port Douglas.
  • The Low Isles, Port Douglas.

How do you save money on cruise excursions?

7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Cruise

  1. Explore ports on your own. Rent some bikes and be your own tour guide. –
  2. Sign up for beverage packages.
  3. Seek spa deals by choosing your time wisely.
  4. Steer clear of photo galleries.
  5. Avoid onboard Internet.
  6. Run your own fitness class.
  7. Hand-wash your clothes.

Can I book my own excursions on a cruise?

Independent-minded folks who want the ease of being transported without concern about missing the ship can book cruise line-provided transportation with freedom to explore as they choose in port. Travelers who want a more guided experience can book a variety of city tours and activities.

What is the best Great Barrier Reef tour?

Saxon, Hastings, and Norman reefs in the outer Great Barrier Reef are top scuba diving and snorkeling spots, while Hamilton Island, Green Island, and Fitzroy Island are some of the most popular day trip destinations for reef tours.

Where to stay on the Great Barrier Reef?

Where to stay on the Great Barrier Reef. There are three islands located right on the Great Barrier Reef which offer accommodation, with prices ranging from around $250 to $2,000 per night. The cheapest island to stay on is Lady Elliot Island followed by Heron Island and Lizard Island, which has a boutique all-inclusive luxury resort.

What to wear or bring on Great Barrier Reef tour?

Great Barrier Reef Packing Tips A bight, colorful bikini. It goes without saying that a bathing suit is a must-pack item when visiting the Great Barrier Reef. Don’t forget your re-useable shopping tote. Sun protection is key. The perfect travel towel. Multi-purpose dresses to save space. Beach-friendly footwear is a must.

Are ships allowed on the Great Barrier Reef?

Of course, visitors can also sail the Great Barrier Reef as regular passengers on guided boat tours. Live aboard excursions are extended boat tours which can last from a single day to a few weeks. Scuba diving and snorkelling liveaboard groups can be just for two to four people, while larger vessels can be as large as conventional cruise ships.