Where is the Gesen bow string?

Where is the Gesen bow string?

the Asylum Dungeon
Gesen Bow String is an item found in the Asylum Dungeon. It can be found in the locked chest in the vault in which some inactive golems are standing still, but they will be activated after unlocking the chest.

Where is the Hammer of Thunderbolts?

the Sewers
The hammer can be found in the Illithid Hideout in the Sewers, which can be accessed from Sewers (Temple District) with the Sewer Key. This item can be upgraded for 10,000 into Crom Faeyr when talking to Cromwell. It also requires the Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Girdle of Frost Giant Strength and Crom Faeyr scroll.

What are the best weapons to use in Bg2?

Clubs are a solid choice in BG2 because of the Blackblood’s ease of find for being a +3 weapon, or the Gnasher’s awesome bleeding ability when you fight things that don’t require a high weapon enchantment to damage. Quarterstaves is probably your safest bet all around, though.

What are the best weapons for clerics in BG1?

Charisma is the dump stat of choice. Warhammers and Slings are musts. The best cleric weapon in Baldur’s Gate 1 is a warhammer and is relatively easy to obtain early on, and slings are literally your only option for a ranged weapon until you get a returning hammer in BG2.

What is the best weapon for a druid?

For your main weapon, I highly recommend Scimitars. Drizzt’s Icebrand scimitar is the best weapon for druids in BG1 and for most of BG2, but it’s still a really solid +3 weapon.

What are the best classes to play in BG1?

Swashbuckler/fighters are also very powerful, while multi-class characters have excellent power right from the start of BG1. Thief abilities on a character who can actually take a hit if he misses spotting a trap or fails a disarm roll Better thac0 and damage from fighter masteries means bigger backstabs that miss less often.