Where is Eden Island located?

Where is Eden Island located?

Eden Island is an artificial island in Seychelles, lying 3.5 km from the capital Victoria….Eden Island, Seychelles.

Total islands 1
Major islands Eden
Area 0.57 km2 (0.22 sq mi)
Length 1.35 km (0.839 mi)

Is Eden Island real?

Eden Island, an exclusive man-made island in the Seychelles archipelago, more than lives up to its idyllic name. Opened in 2006, this oasis and epitome of laid-back, luxurious living that is shaped like an intricate jigsaw puzzle piece, has over 56 hectares of land space plus 16 hectares of private waterways.

How do you get to Eden Island?

For those wondering how to get to Eden Island, all one needs to do is to reach the international airport located on the main island, Mahe, from where the Eden Island is really close. Most preferably, one can hire a taxi or a cab to/from downtown Victoria.

How much is a house in Eden Island Seychelles?

Basin 9

Reference Unit Size Price
B9PA256U1 126m² $ 570 000
B9PA256U2 67.6m² $ 490 000
B9PA256U3 97.4m² $ 550 000
B9PA256U4 96.6m² $ 560 000

Who built Eden Island?

Eden Island is Born South African property developer, Craig Heeger, was approached by Seychelles officials, who saw an opportunity to create not only homes, but a unique island lifestyle. Built on a reclaimed coral reef, construction started in pre 2000 up until 2006, for the foundations of Eden Island.

How was Eden Island built?

Unlike its ancient brethren, Eden Island was built on reclaimed terra firma after El Niño weather patterns tragically decimated the local coral population, and in the early 2000s the new tourism hotspot emerged thanks to a little help from Dubai, when the emirate’s dredging apparatus was imported after giving the UAE …

What is Seychelles postal code?

Seychelles has no postal code system.

Is Seychelles safe for tourists?

Are the Seychelles safe for tourists? Yes, Seychelles is definitely safe for tourists, as long as a bit of caution and preparation is taken. Use your common sense, avoid unnecessary risks and you won’t face any troubles.

What is the Pincode of Mahe?

Mahé/Zip codes

How many districts are there on Mahe Island?

26 districts
Seychelles is divided into 26 districts. All but one are located on the Inner Islands; the Outer Islands (Zil Elwannyen Sesel) make up the most recent district….Table of districts.

Nr **
District Mahe Islands
Capital Mahe Islands
Area km2 163.2
mi2 63.0

Where is Eden Island?

Welcome to Eden Island. Located in the heart of Seychelles, just 200 metres from the capital island of Mahé, this luxurious residential marina development comprises a selection of spectacular homes.

Why choose an Eden Island home?

Eden Island homes in particular provide residents and visitors with outstanding furnishings, amenities and marina access. The exclusive Eden Island development is located just off Mahé and is home to a finite number of luxurious villas, sophisticated maisons and stylish apartments.

Why choose Eden beach resort?

Our resort will seduce you with its new and varied accommodations, careful attention, our beautiful spa, outstanding cuisine, high quality scuba diving at our Bonaire dive resort and beautiful surroundings. At Eden Beach Resort we want to turn your visit into a special experience.

What is there to do in Eden Island?

Residents and visitors of Eden Island enjoy endless opportunities to sail between the various islands that make up the Seychelles, taking in the iconic sights and soaking up the splendour. The area is also renowned for sports fishing, and parts of these protected waters are specially demarcated for anglers.