Where is EarthWerks flooring manufactured?

Where is EarthWerks flooring manufactured?

EarthWerks LVT has been manufacturing in Korea for over 20 years.” Train explained that because Taiwan, Korea, China and Japan were the forerunners of technological advancements in flooring, the most technology, know-how and capacity still exists overseas, as more than half of all LVT sold in the U.S. is imported.

Who owns EarthWerks flooring?

Jonathan Train, the newly appointed CEO of Swiff-Train and EarthWerks®, and Kemp Harr, discuss the growth of the LVT business since they got into it 30 years ago.

How is solid oak flooring made?

Solid wood floors are constructed of planks made from a single piece of wood with tongue and groove edges. Planks are delivered to factories pre-finished or unfinished. The chosen logs are cut into rough planks. There are a variety of cutting methods used which affect the stability and price of the board.

How is engineered oak flooring made?

It is made by bonding multiple layers of wood together with a layer of Oak on the top. This construction method ensures that the flooring is dimensionally stable because the planks do not expand and contract as much as solid wood flooring planks.

Which hardwood is the most common?

By far the most popular species of hardwood flooring is oak, most likely due to its distinctive features, longevity and durability. It’s known to be a very beautiful species of wood thanks to its golden tone and caramel hues which make any space feel cosy; perfect for family homes.

How is solid hardwood flooring made?

Solid wood floors are constructed of planks made from a single piece of wood with tongue and groove edges. Planks are delivered to factories pre-finished or unfinished. Manufacture of the flooring starts with the tree itself. Trees marked for flooring are chosen for natural beauty with tight grain and few knots.

What are the disadvantages of engineered wood flooring?

10 Major Disadvantages of Installing Engineered Wood Flooring

  • Engineered Hardwood Can Be Pricey.
  • A Low-Quality Core.
  • There’s a Danger of Fading.
  • You Need to Let the Wood Acclimate.
  • Wooden Floors Require Specific Care.
  • Engineered Hardwood Is Susceptible to Water Damage and Moisture.

Is engineered oak real oak?

Engineered flooring, made from oak, is a really attractive and versatile flooring option, which is probably why it is so very popular. Engineered oak flooring, like any other quality engineered flooring product is made up of layers of ply which are bonded together to form a solid and highly stable core board.

What color floors never go out of style?

White and black create the perfect contrast for whatever you place it on. The two colors mesh together perfectly, while also creating definitive lines between their separation. That’s why black and white have been used for flooring designs for a long time.

What type of hard flooring is best?

Living Room Flooring: Hardwood or Carpet Hardwood or carpet are the best flooring choices for the living room. They offer comfort and style without compromising durability.

How is Oak manufactured?

The most common wood species used for manufacturing a solid wood floor is oak. This process can take months depending on the woods properties and the climate. After air-drying the lumber is then kiln dried in humidity and heat controlled chambers.

Why choose earthwerks®?

EarthWerks® provides flooring and flooring products throughout North America and around the world, bestowing beauty, durability and lasting value along with 4 decades of LVT experience – EarthWerks® offers style, service and availability you can trust.

Why earthwerks LVT flooring?

Amy Sadler, National Sales Manager commented “EarthWerks® has been the leader and innovator in LVT flooring for over 3 decades. Our commitment to Style, Service and Availability is the backbone of our excellence, and we saw Longust as a group who shared our passion for excellence.”

Who is Calloway at earthwerks?

Calloway brings to EarthWerks® nearly 20 years of sales management experience in the flooring industry. He joins the organization after 8 years with Unilin Flooring in Dallas, Texas, serving most recently as their Vice President of Sales. Shane will be based at the company’s Dallas location.

Who is the National Sales Manager for earthwerks®?

According to Amy Sadler, National Sales Manager, “The two divisions will nationally provide more focus on specific areas of the country.” Alan brings to Earthwerks® extensive experience, with 19 years in the flooring industry at the manufacturing level.