Where is ChristianaCare located?

Where is ChristianaCare located?

Newark, Delaware
A 906-bed, 1.3-million-square-foot, modern facility in Newark, Delaware, Christiana Hospital provides a level of care only available in large-scale teaching hospitals.

Is Christiana Hospital private?

Christiana Health Care System is the largest hospital healthcare system in Delaware. Based in Wilmington, DE, Christian Health Care operates 2 private hospitals: Christiana Hospital and Wilmington Hospital.

What type of company is ChristianaCare?

nonprofit teaching health system
ChristianaCare is a nonprofit teaching health system with more than 260 residents and fellows.

Who owns Christiana?

Christiana Mall, which was developed by Delaware Valley-based Rubin family interests , ended up under the General Growth Properties umbrella. The Rubins sold their share of the mall, reportedly for a hefty $200 million.

Is Christiana Hospital a trauma center?

Christiana Hospital, Christiana Care Health System A Regional Resource Trauma Center has the capability of providing System leadership and comprehensive, definitive care for every aspect of injury from prevention through rehabilitation.

Is ChristianaCare hospital a teaching hospital?

ChristianaCare is one of the largest community-based teaching hospitals conducting research in the United States. ChristianaCare is a Delaware branch campus of Jefferson Medical College, a member of the Delaware Health Sciences Alliance and a member of the Council of Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems.

What is Christiana Hospital known for?

Christiana Care was also recognized as the best hospital in Delaware and was ranked No. Christiana Care was also ranked No. 24 in the nation in gynecology and was rated as high performing in care related to geriatrics, nephrology, orthopaedics, gastroenterology and GI surgery, and neurology and neurosurgery.

Who owns Christiana Hospital?

Founded in 1888, the nonprofit health care organization has grown to nearly 12,000 employees and serves as the parent entity for Wilmington Hospital, Christiana Hospital in Newark, the Helen F.

How many people work for ChristianaCare?

ChristianaCare has 13,412 employees, all known as caregivers.

Is Christiana Hospital a teaching hospital?

What level trauma is Christiana Hospital?

Level 1 trauma center
As the regional Level 1 trauma center serving adults and children, ChristianaCare has the highest level of trained health care personnel, resources, services and equipment necessary for the best care of the critically injured patient.

Is ChristianaCare a good hospital?

The American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP) recognized ChristianaCare for surgical excellence in caring for its sickest patients and named it one of 89 hospitals that achieved meritorious outcomes for surgical patient care in 2020.

Why choose christchristiana hospital?

Christiana Hospital is also the only high risk delivering hospital in Delaware offering Level III neonatal intensive care. More than 6,100 babies are born at Christiana Hospital each year.

What kind of hospital is Christa Hospital in Delaware?

Christiana Hospital. Christiana Hospital is also the only high risk delivering hospital in Delaware offering Level III neonatal intensive care. More than 7,200 babies are born at Christiana Hospital each year. More than 1,400 physicians and surgeons are active members of Christiana Care’s Medical-Dental staff, and more than one in 10…

Is there an urgent care center at christchristianacare?

ChristianaCare and GoHealth Urgent Care have partnered to provide new urgent care centers to our community with convenient, same-day evening, weekend and holiday hours – 365 days a year. Find your nearest center and save your spot online using the orange button below! ALERT! This location is temporarily closed.

What is the Center for Heart&Vascular Health at Christiana?

The Center for Heart & Vascular Health in the Bank of America Pavilion at Christiana Hospital offers the latest advances in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, cardiac rehabilitation and preventive medicine.