Where in Europe is warmest in October?

Where in Europe is warmest in October?

Where’s hot in Europe in October

  1. Cyprus. Summer lingers longer in Cyprus than anywhere else in the Mediterranean.
  2. Sicily. On autumn days when the Sirocco blows across from the Sahara, hot and dry, Sicily swelters.
  3. Crete.
  4. Calabria.
  5. Malta.
  6. Ibiza.
  7. Bodrum Peninsula.
  8. Rhodes.

Where in Europe is hot in October half term?

TENERIFE, CANARY ISLANDS The Canaries are famous for their year-round warm weather, and autumn is no exception – the mercury sits in the high 20s in October, so beach days with the kids are always an option.

Where is still hot in October?

The hottest places to go on holiday in October Cancun (32.9 °C) Marrakech (28.3 °C) Sharm El Sheikh (28 °C) Lanzarote (26.8 °C)

Is October a good month to go to Europe?

In general, the first half of October is a very good time to visit anywhere in Europe. It’s not nearly as busy as in September, the prices are lower, and the weather is still good in many places. In the south, it usually remains nice and warm throughout the entire month and even at the beginning of November.

Is Malta hot in October?

Malta’s mostly flat, with a highest point of just over 250m, so the weather’s largely the same across the island. The average high temperature during October is 25ºC, which is perfectly warm enough to spend long days at the beach.

Is Greece warm in October?

The sea temperature is still warm in October and most days are sunny. Most businesses are open, despite the fewer crowds and, sure enough, you can find great deals in this off-season. In October, the weather is mostly warm and sunny.

How hot is Turkey in October?

Turkey weather in October

Temperature October 16.4°C | 61.5°F Precipitation / Rainfall October
Temperature October max. 18.8°C | 65.9°F Water Temperature October
Temperature October min. 14°C | 57.3°F

How hot is Greece in October?

Is it still warm in Greece in October? The average high-temperature, in October, in Athens, Greece, is 23.5°C (74.3°F), while the average low-temperature is 15.9°C (60.6°F). The islands have more or less the same temperatures, meaning it is still nice and warm in October.

Is Spain warmer than Portugal?

The weather is much the same but the hospitality in Portugal is definitely warmer than Spain.

Is Europe cold in October?

The weather varies drastically across northern, southern, coastal, and inland Europe, but the entire continent usually experiences average high temperatures between 40 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (4 and 21 degrees Celsius) and average low temperatures between 30 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 and 15 degrees Celsius).

What is the cheapest month to travel to Europe?

The late fall and winter months—from mid to late October through mid-to-late March—are often the cheapest time to fly to Europe (though fares can spike in December). It’s often cheaper to fly to Europe mid-week, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in particular.

Is Greece hot in October?

Greece is still warm in October, with day time temperatures in the mid 20s. The evenings can get a little chillier, but it is still pleasant enough to sit outside and enjoy an evening meal if wearing a light top.