Where do I find my Navman product key?

Where do I find my Navman product key?

  1. Connect your device to the PC and turn it on.
  2. Open NavDesk.
  3. Go to Redeem.
  4. Enter in the 25-caracter product key included in the box.
  5. When you get the message Your Map Update Product key is succesfully registered.
  6. Map updates will now be offered automatically via Navdesk as and when available.

How do I get Navdesk?

Installing Navdesk Install Navdesk onto your PC. From now on you can access Navdesk via: Start > All programs > Navman > Navdesk. If you don’t have the DVD, you can download Navdesk from HERE. Once installed, open Navdesk, connect your device to the PC using a standard mini USB-lead and turn the device on.

Does Navman GPS work in my my60t?

Navman GPS systems seem to have navigation, calculation and mapping errors in my MY60T. Be warned and do not trust the maps especially in remote areas. My review here is dated Nov 2014. ” Navman, how about refreshing / updating road information …. .. you are a long way out of date, especially on major highways and freeways.

How do I update the Navman GPS software and maps?

To update the software and maps on your Navman GPS you need to have the NavDesk software installed on your computer, please install the latest Navdesk version for your device and computer operating system by using the below widget.

Does the my60t device get free map updates?

Unfortunately, the MY60T device is only entitled to get free map updates within 2 years from the date of first used. Due to that, you will need to purchase the map updates for your device now. For your convenience, you may refer to the appropriate link below:

How much time does Navman really save?

Going across Melbourne to a similar location in Docklands the new Navman saved me at least 10 minutes (on a 40 min trip) by taking a different route that had much less traffic congestion. The 3D map view and lane guidance also helped around the messy city and freeway intersections. I’m sold!!