Where can I spin flax in Runescape?

Where can I spin flax in Runescape?

The most commonly used spinning wheels are the ones located in Seers’ Village, Lumbridge Castle, Burthorpe, and Prifddinas/Lletya, mostly for their proximity to something that can be spun, i.e. flax or sheep’s wool. The elven village of Lletya has the closest flax field to a bank.

How many flax can you spin per hour?

1,400 flax
You can spin around 1,400 flax in an hour depending on your speed.

Where is the best place to spin flax Osrs?


  • Arguably, the best place to pick flax would be in Lletya, because the flax field is very close to the bank, about 10 spaces away.
  • A great alternative is the flax found in Land’s End.
  • The field southeast of Seers’ Village contains a spinning wheel on the way to the bank.

Where is the spinning wheel lumbridge?

Lumbridge Castle
The most commonly used spinning wheel is located in Lumbridge Castle on the 1 st floor [UK] because of its proximity to the 2 nd floor [UK] bank, and sheep to the north. However, Lumbridge is not close to any flax fields. Some players teleport to the Lletya flax field which is close to a bank.

Where is a loom in Runescape?

Looms can be found in only four locations: South of Falador, just west of the Falador cabbage patch, within the farmhouse. Slightly north of Taverley, south of Burthorpe. The loom is located south-west of the Heroes’ Guild, near the Crafting area.

Can you spin noted flax?

Flax can also be spun via the Spin Flax Lunar spell. Completing the Kandarin Diary allows players to exchange noted flax with the Flax keeper once a day in exchange for bow strings.

Is spin flax profitable?

Spin Flax is a Lunar spell requiring level 76 Magic to cast. Assuming a player uses a staff that provides air runes and converts five flax into bow string per cast, casting Spin Flax will result in a profit of -103 coins.

Is flax easy to spin?

But with the help of our free tutorial on spinning flax, you’ll quickly learn that flax linen is no more difficult to spin than wool. The methods for turning flax stems into linen yarn have not changed in centuries. The qualities of this fiber make it invaluable still today.

How do you spin flax into linen?

Secure the flax onto the distaff with a ribbon or cord, beginning from the top and repeatedly crossing it until you reached a few inches above the fiber ends. Flax should be spin with little twist and light tension. Wet the fiber with your fingers as you spin, if you want to spin a smooth yarn.

Where are spinning wheels Osrs?