Where can I get a visa run in Thailand?

Where can I get a visa run in Thailand?

There are basically 2 destinations in Malaysia for the visa runs from Thailand. One is Penang where the 90-day single-entry non-immigrant B visa is obtained; the other destination being Kuala Lumpur where particularly the 1-year multiple-entry non-immigrant B visa is issued.

Can I enter Thailand from Malaysia?

Can Malaysians Enter Thailand Now. It is important to know that, upon entering Thailand, travelers from Malaysia may enter Thailand based on their vaccination status and port of arrival. Fully vaccinated travelers are given 2 options, while unvaccinated Malaysians only have 1 option.

What happens if you overstay your visa in Thailand by one day?

Overstaying your visa is illegal. If you overstay for a short period you will have to pay a fine. However, if you overstay for more than 90 days then it is a serious offence and the result will be you are deported from Thailand and banned from visiting again.

Does Malaysian need visa to enter Thailand?

1. Malaysian citizens entering Thailand for less than 30 days do not require any visa. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of your entry into Thailand. 3.

Is Thailand Open for international travel?

On November 1, Thailand began allowing vaccinated international travelers from certain countries enter without having to enter into a lengthy quarantine. Thailand temporarily suspended its “Test and Go” program from December 22, 2021, citing the rising number of Omicron variant cases in the country.

How to get from Chiang Mai to Mae Sot?

You can catch a bus from Arcade Bus Station in Chiang Mai, which takes around 5-6 hours to reach Mae Sot direct. Buses usually leave at 6 am and 8 am daily. If you want to go later in the day, you can take the regular buses to Tak town, which is around a 4-hour journey, then take a mini-bus from Tak, which takes a further 2 hours.

Why visit Mae Sot?

Like many border post towns, Mae Sot is a place of ethnic diversity and cultural fusion. It is the Easternmost point of Thailand and the gateway to the land of Myanmar (Burma). For many years, the town has been a base for Burmese refugees and displaced migrant workers coming to Thailand to earn a living.

How many Burmese refugees are there in Mae Sot?

It has been estimated that there are still up to 200,000 Burmese scraping a living in Mae Sot today. Even though the refugees have been living in Thailand for many years, there is still a struggle against the Thai government for them to be allowed full Thai citizenship. To this day, Thailand does not recognise the concept of refugee status.

Where can I Cross the border between Thailand and Myanmar?

Myanmar: The border opened at Mae Sot in 2013, meaning that many tourists now take border runs to the Burmese town of Myawaddy. They cross the border here just for the day then enter back into Thailand to receive 15 days on their visas.