Where can I find articles written in Spanish?

Where can I find articles written in Spanish?

Finding Articles in Spanish

  • Academic Search Premier.
  • AltPressIndex.
  • Ethnic NewsWatch.
  • Factiva.
  • Pascal/FRANCIS.
  • Google Académico.
  • HAPI Online (Hispanic American Periodicals Index)
  • Historical Abstracts.

How do you say news article in Spanish?

newspaper article: artículo de periódico.

Is there a Spanish version of The New York Times?

The team of editors at The Times en Español are all native speakers of Spanish (from Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela), and some of us have studied or worked in Peru, Spain, Paraguay and the United States. Every week, we publish 40 to 50 translations on top of opinion pieces and features originally produced in Spanish.

How do I get Spanish news?

5 Online Sources of Streaming News in Spanish Posted by Jakob Gibbons on Jan 11, 2016 in Learning, Videos

  1. 1) TVE Spain. Spain’s Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española is one of the big names in news in the hispanophone world.
  2. 2) Azteca Noticias.
  3. 3) Canal Uno Colombia.
  4. 4) TeleSUR.
  5. 5) BBC Mundo.

How do you say articles in Spanish?

In Spanish, you have to choose between four definite articles: el, la, los and las. Which one you choose depends on the noun which follows. In Spanish, all nouns (including words for things) are either masculine or feminine – this is called their gender.

How can I access Spanish websites?

Using Google to Find Spanish-Language Websites One of the best methods for finding Spanish-Language websites through a Google search is to use Spanish words and phrases as your search terms. If you need English-language translations for the websites, on the results page, click on “Search Tools” at the top of the page.

How do I say article in Spanish?

How do you spell newspaper in Spanish?

periódico | Translation of NEWSPAPER into Spanish by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico.com also meaning of NEWSPAPER in.

What are the Spanish articles?

In Spanish, you have to choose between four definite articles: el, la, los and las.

What does news mean in Spanish?

Press, Radio, Television) noticias fpl. the news (Radio) las noticias ⧫ el noticiario; (Television) las noticias ⧫ el telediario (Spain) ⧫ el noticiero (Latin America) ⧫ el noticioso (Andes)

Is news in slow Spanish free?

The free trial gives you access to everything that a paid subscription offers. If you are a new subscriber, try a subscription free for 7 days. Cancel any time during the trial period and you won’t be charged. If you don’t cancel at the end of the free trial, your subscription will be automatically renewed every month.

What is the main news channel in Spain?

Telecinco, owned by the media group Mediaset, ranked as the most watched television station in Spain, holding over 14.5 percent of the total audience share in 2020. Atresmedia’s Antena 3 came in second, taking up 11.8 percent of the total audience share.

Should I read the articles in Spanish or English first?

The articles won’t necessarily be direct translations of each other, but reading the English version first can give you the gist of what the article is about. If you’re more advanced, read the Spanish version and just refer to the English when you need hints. For example: ‘Regino Hernández gana el bronce en snowboard cross…’

What are the most popular daily newspapers in Spain?

El Mundo is one of the most famous daily newspapers in Spain. Browse the online version to find current, authentic and challenging articles to read. Especially advanced readers can practise reading in an authentic context. El País – Daily Newspaper

Where can I find Spanish-language news?

A wide selection of articles is available, with an emphasis on those relating to the United States, Latin America, business and sports. Also based in the U.S. is the Spanish-language news field is Google News España, which regularly updates its listing of Spanish-language articles every few minutes.

What are the different sections of the Spanish newspaper Mundo?

Under Deportes (‘Sports’), there’s a section dedicated to Baloncesto (‘Basketball’). Under Gente (‘People’), there’s a Moda (‘Fashion’) section. That’s quite the variety! There are also Ediciones (‘Editions’) dedicated to various regions of Spain, such as Madrid, Catalonia, and the Canary Islands. 3. BBC Mundo