Where are there tolls in Virginia?

Where are there tolls in Virginia?

Interactive Google Map that shows Toll Facilities in Virginia….Map Overview.

Facility Name Administrative Fee Amount
I-64 EXPRESS $1.50

What happens if you drive through a toll without paying in VA?

If you passed through a toll plaza without paying the toll, you could receive a violation notice in the mail. The violation notice will list the tolls due, applicable administrative fees, and provide instructions for payment.

What happens if you miss a toll in Virginia?

If you took an unpaid trip on a Virginia toll facility you may be able to pay the toll through a “missed-a-toll” process before receiving a notice or invoice, often at a lower cost. Use the map and form below to locate the road you traveled on and find out whether you can pay your missed toll.

Are there any toll roads in Virginia?

The only privately-owned toll road in Virginia today is the Dulles Greenway. It was authorized under Virginia Highway Corporation Act of 1988 and opened in 1995. The state’s license to operate it as a for-profit business expires in 2056.

Is Midlothian Turnpike a toll road?

haɪt/, similar to Powhatan), the state highway runs 13.04 miles (20.99 km) from SR 652 near Midlothian north to Interstate 195 (I-195) in Richmond. The highway includes a pair of mainline barrier toll plazas and ramp toll plazas at most interchanges, all of which accept E-ZPass.

Are there cash tolls in Virginia?

Some toll facilities also accept cash payment for Virginia toll roads, bridges and tunnels. Video tolling or Pay by plate also works for some toll facilities. If you already have a E-ZPass (from any other state) you are good to go on toll roads in Virginia.

How much is a toll violation in VA?

If the matter proceeds to court, the owner or operator of the vehicle shall be liable for a civil penalty as follows: for a first offense, $50; for a second offense within one year from the first offense, $100; for a third offense within two years from the second offense, $250; and for a fourth and any subsequent …

How much are the tolls in VA?

2-axle vehicles pay $2.75 toll in both peak and off-peak times if paying with E-ZPass. For Pay by plate, 2-axle vehicles pay $3.30 extra then E-ZPass rate (total of $6.05) in both peak and off-peak times. Use Virginia Toll Calculator to calculate tolls and gas costs to travel through all the toll bridges in Virginia.

How much do toll roads cost in Virginia?

The toll road charges 2-axle vehicles as much as $3.25 and 4-axle trucks as much as $7.75. The entire Dulles Toll Road stretches 29 miles. Drivers who use the toll road can pay electronically using the E-Z Pass system or with exact change using coins.

How to pay tolls?

Debit or credit card

  • POLi. Note: POLi is not available for business internet banking customers.
  • Cash. If you prefer to pay in cash (or by debit/credit card) you can pay your tolls at selected service stations (a transaction fee of$1.20 per transaction will apply).
  • What is a toll violation in Virginia?

    Violation Information. What is a Toll Violation? A toll violation occurs when a vehicle is recorded by the West Virginia Parkways Authority for failure to pay the specified toll using cash or an E-ZPass® account, or when the driver receives an Unpaid Toll Slip from a collector and does not pay within the 15 days allowed.

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