Where are Cobra releases made?

Where are Cobra releases made?

Best of all Cobra Archery bow hunting releases are MADE IN THE USA and are backed by a LIFETIME warranty.

Do pendulum sights work?

It doesn’t work at all distances but at treestand distances it works fine. Basically from an elevated position as the angle of your bow arm changes the sight picture changes which compensates for the change in distance. Has to sighted in on level ground.

What is a sight tape?

1. Selecting a sight tape requires shooting your bow on a safe target range at two different distances. Once you have found the sight tape that matches your marks, carefully cut it out and place it on your sight with the needle point- ing to the 20-yard mark (indicated by a 2 on the tape).

What do the pins on a bow sight mean?

More pins in a sight means you can set the pins for smaller yardage increments within your bowhunting range. For example, if you have six pins set for 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, & 40 yards, chances are you’ll have a pin that’s set for the distance you need – at least in most hunting situations.

How accurate is black gold sight tape?

Accurate out to 100. I even set my 3 pins by the tape. I used a set of caliper gauges to measure the distance between the 20 and 30 mark on the tape and set my pins the same distance apart then repeated that process for the distance between 30 and 40.

Is this predator IV pendulum bow sight with lighted pin?

This is a used Predator IV Pendulum Bow Sight with Lighted Pin it is the older version (NOT fiber optics) The sight is setup for a left hand bow but can be changed over to a right hand bow. The sight is in good shape with new battires the light works check out main picture had it turned on for picture.

What is the best pendulum sight on the market?

Up is the best Pendulum sight on the market. This sight comes with mounting screws and full set of instructions to get you started in the right direction. This sight is in mint condition and looks and works great. Fully functioning light illuminates pins for that early or late evening shot! Continental USA only Thanks for looking!

What is the truglo pendulum sight?

The TruGlo Pendulum Sight is a perfect choice for the diehard treestand hunter. This versatile sight can be used for both right and left handed bows and can even be locked in place for ground shooting. Once properly adjusted. This sight will automatically move the pin to compensate both elevation and yardage.

What are the best sights for Treestand hunting?

Up for auction is a Cobra Pendulum sight with two heads. One is camo tapped and one has been left black. These are great for the treestand hunting and take the guess work out of your shot. Two great sights for the price of one! All mounting screws included. Continental USA only Thanks for looking!