Where are airports in Just Cause 3?

Where are airports in Just Cause 3?

Table of locations (JC3)

Province Location Name Coordinates
Maestrale Unnamed airport south of Porto Tridente N 40 48.270 E 5 32.590
Nebio Sud Unnamed airport on Insula Lacrima N 40 51.560 E 5 37.880
Plagia Guardia Plagia II N 40 42.625 E 5 44.030
Soros Unnamed airstrip near Cava de Rebelles. N 40 37.115 E 5 38.820

Where is airport Just Cause 2?

The airport is situated on an island just east of the capital, Panau City. It is located just off the traffic circle on the E2 (city interstate) and the E1A (Bandar Selekeh Bridge).

Are there any unmarked airports in Just Cause 3?

All of the marked airports are military or rebel controlled, however, as mentioned, there are many unmarked airports throughout Medici . The largest airport in the game is one of these unmarked airports, although still tiny by real life standards. This is a complete list of all airports and airstrips in Just Cause 3.

What planes can take off and land at the airport?

All aircraft including the U41 Ptakojester can take off or land here. A Medici Military U-7 Dravec can be found here always, even after the entire map is liberated. A Urga U17 Akrobat can be found here as well. There is a bridge at the eastern end of the runway so be mindful of that when taking off.

Where is the main airport in Solís?

Aeropuerto General Benitez is the main international airport of Solís. It is located in the Islas Intichayes region, just south of Quya. It’s massive compared to the other airports in previous games, and just like Just Cause’s international airport, there’s a diversity of vehicles.

Where can I find a dirt runway in Solís?

The runway is short, yet considerably wide for a dirt runway in the jungles of Solís . A mid-size dirt airstrip can be found northeast of El Abismo right next to Tumba de la Princesa. The runway is littered with fuel barrels which must be disposed of before an attempt to takeoff or land.