Where are 3SL now?

Where are 3SL now?

According to his Instagram, Ant is now the founder and CEO of The LA Smile, a teeth whitening company. He seemingly lives and works in sunny Dubai, and regularly posts pics of him and his friends and family.

What does Andy Scott-Lee do now?

Despite having a boyband career himself, Andy is still involved in the music industry and works as a songwriter and entrepreneur. He is Steps singer Lisa Scott-Lee’s brother which could be why he found himself in the music industry in the first place.

Is Andy Scott-Lee married?

Lydia Louisam. 2013
Michelle Heatonm. 2006–2008
Andy Scott-Lee/Spouse
Personal life He married Michelle Heaton in 2006, they separated in 2008, and later divorced. He later married Lydia Louisa who competed in the 13th series of Big Brother in the UK on Channel 5 until she was evicted on 29 June 2012.

Is Lisa still a member of Steps?

Despite leaving the UK, Lisa has continued to tour and perform with her Steps bandmates since they reformed for a second time in 2017, but when she isn’t on the road, she is headteacher of her own performing arts school.

Are the Sweet still alive?

Connolly died in 1997, Tucker in 2002 and Priest in 2020. Andy Scott is still active with his version of the band. Sweet have since sold over 35 million albums worldwide….

The Sweet
Origin London, England
Genres Glam rock hard rock bubblegum pop (early)
Years active 1968–1981 1985–present
Labels RCA Capitol Polydor

Are steps married?

The West London-born singer is married to Reece Hill, and they are parents to Charlie, 13, and Daisy, 10. They hoped to add to her family with a third baby, but found it hard.

Who married Michelle Heaton?

Hugh Hanleym. 2010
Andy Scott-Leem. 2006–2008
Michelle Heaton/Spouse

How many members does Steps have?

five members
Steps is made up of five members, Claire Richards, Faye Tozer, Lisa Scott-Lee, Lee Latchford-Evans and Ian Watkins, better known as ‘H’.

Is Steve Priest still alive?

Deceased (1948–2020)
Steve Priest/Living or Deceased

Who wrote the Sweet’s songs?

The new lineup of Sweet signed to RCA Records in 1971, where they were placed under the direction of songwriters Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. Chinn and Chapman wrote a number of light bubblegum pop songs for the group, the first of which, “Funny Funny,” reached number 13 on the U.K. charts.

Where does Lee from Steps live?

In a dramatic turnaround since Steps disbanded, Lisa Scott-Lee now runs a performing arts school in Dubai. Lisa, 45, took on the job after moving to the United Arab Emirates with her Hear’Say star husband Johnny Shentall, 42, and their two children.

Who are 3SL?

Who Are We? 3SL (Structured Software Systems Ltd) is a group of engineers who share a fervent desire to help other engineers build systems more easily, efficiently and quickly. We do this by producing the best software tools that we can, and by doing everything possible to help you, our fellow engineers, to use our tools as effectively as possible.

How do I contact threesl support?

Following government guidelines, we have taken the decision to modify our ways of working. This means a number of our employees will be transitioning to working from home where appropriate. Therefore as a temporary measure, during this time we would prefer you to contact us via email. For support queries email [email protected]

What is 3SL Cradle?

3SL is based in Barrow-in-Furness, a small town in the North West of England that was known for commercial and naval shipbuilding and a wide range of engineering products, and is now best known for the nuclear submarines built here for the Royal Navy. Cradle was first exhibited in 1989 and first sold to a local university later that year.