When was the Callaway X Hot Driver made?

When was the Callaway X Hot Driver made?

25 January 2013
Callaway X Hot Driver – Product Details

UK Launch 25 January 2013
USA Launch 25 January 2013
Handicap Range Low ‌‌‌‌ High
Golfer Mens
Hand Availability Left, Right

What does the draw setting do on a Callaway driver?

Draw-bias designs also encourage a straighter ball flight by featuring higher lofts, lighter shafts and more upright lie angles. There’s even evidence that with the CG closer to the heel, draw drivers help average golfers return the face to square at impact because the CG is closer to the shaft.

Do all Callaway drivers use the same adapter?

For clubs with removable/adjustable shafts, manufacturers usually (but not always) seem to only use one adapter at a given time that will often last for multiple generations of products. This means that the shaft that comes in a particular driver can likely be reused in multiple drivers from that OEM.

What makes the TaylorMade Stage 2 rocketballz fairway wood different?

Another piece of technology that was found on the first edition of the Rocketballz fairway wood that has been transferred and improved in the Stage 2, is how TaylorMade engineers have moved the Center of Gravity (CG) forward in the club. By moving the CG forward and lower inside the clubhead it provides more speed, higher launch and less spin.

What is the difference between TaylorMade’s RBZ and rocketballz-Ier?

With a number of tweaks and improvements to the original Rocketballz woods, TaylorMade releases the RBZ Stage 2 and calls them Rocketballz-IER. Last year TaylorMade made a huge splash with the announcement of their Rocketballz fairway wood.

What happened to TaylorMade’s rocketballz?

In 2013 TaylorMade has now released an update to the Rocketballz line with Stage 2 fairway wood. The marketing campaign has termed the new line Rocketballz-IER. With the advent of social media they have added #IER and added the -IER to all of the TaylorMade professional staff bags.

What does the rocketballz logo look like?

At the tip of the triangle is the Stage 2 Rocketballz logo which is a R done in the black and yellow colors. The side of the triangle that faces the golfer has a gray square and both tips of the triangle have the black, yellow and gray stripes.