When was Damian born?

When was Damian born?

Damian Wayne

Born 2008, ‘Eth’Alth’Eban
Died 2013, (aged 10-12 genetically, 6 historically)
Resurrection Batcave, 2014
Family Bruce Wayne, Talia al Ghul, Batman Family, al Ghul Family

How old is Damian 2021?

As of Robin (Volume 3) #1, Damian is 14 years old.

How old is Damian Wayne in the new 52?

10 Damian Wayne: 10-Years-Old In the New 52, Damian won the right to learn of his father’s identity when he finally bested his mother in combat on his 10th birthday, and this canon age for him seems to be a holdover from Morrison’s introduction of Damian Wayne.

Who is Damian Wayne’s wife?

Justice Society of America vol. 3 #22 (2009) reveals that he would eventually marry Nightstar (Mar’ i Grayson) with whom he would have a daughter and son, and his family has inherited the Wayne Estates after Batman’s death.

How old is Batman when Damian is born?

Batman is 24, Damian is 10, so yes, somehow Bruce fathered Damian when he was 14 with a woman he’d never met a good six or seven years before he became Batman.

What is Damian Wayne personality?

Arrogant, cold and undeniably lethal, Damian found the transition from the unforgiving world of the League to Batman’s staunch moral code to be a long and trying process, but a worthwhile one, as Damian ultimately proved himself worthy of becoming Robin at his father’s side.

What color are Damian Wayne’s eyes?

His eye colour changes a lot. They were blue, but are now green for some reason. Sometimes their black or brown but green is the main one.

How old was Bruce when he met Damian?

Damian was seven years old when Talia had him spy on Bruce with her. Talia revealed Damian’s existence to Bruce Wayne at ten years old and left him in his father’s custody in an effort to disrupt Batman’s work.

Who is Damian Wayne mother?

Talia al Ghul
Damian Wayne/Mother

, I have been a regular reader of DC comics since the early 1970s. Originally Answered: Who is Damian Wayne’s mother? Damian Wayne’s mother is Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Batman villain Ra’s Al Ghul. In the 1987 graphic novel “Batman: Son of the Demon” Batman and Talia conceived a child.

Is Damian asexual?

Damian Wayne is asexual. But not just as a kid, in fact he realized when he was an adult, after too many failed sexual relationships. At the beginning he was confused, but now he’s enjoying be a person who’s basically pure romance and friendship and no having the sexual troubles that his father used to have as Batman.

How old is Tim Drake?

Trivia. As of Batman & Robin Eternal #1, Tim is 16 years old.

How tall is Damian Wayne?

Height 5’4″ (163 cm) (In prequel comic) 5’10” (178 cm) (In-game present)

When was Damian Wayne born?

Damien Wayne Kostyal (born December 18, 1971), better known by his ring name Damien Wayne, is an American professional wrestler.

How did Damian Wayne die?

Damian is killed battling a brutal enemy, the Heretic (an adult Damian clone) in issue number 8 of the second volume of the Batman, Inc. comic book, which went on sale February 27, 2013. According to the story’s writer, Grant Morrison: “He saves the world. He does his job as Robin. He dies an absolute hero.”.

How was Damian Wayne born?

Damian Wayne was born from a drug-induced affair between Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul . Talia gave birth to Damian and kept his existence a secret from Bruce Wayne. Damian was raised by his grandfather Ra’s al Ghul, and his mother in the ways of The League of Assassins and brought up to eventually lead humanity, like Ra’s al Ghul.