When should I apply for pupillage?

When should I apply for pupillage?

As a rule of thumb, you should apply for pupillage at least a year before you wish to start (ie, in January 2022 for a pupillage beginning in September 2023). You can apply to up to 12 Gateway member chambers (but as many non-member chambers as you like). There is no clearing period.

Do you get paid during pupillage?

After that, it’s pupillage. Pupil barristers receive an annual minimum salary of £12,000, although some chambers pay more than that, depending on the practice area. Details of pupillages and funding arrangements are provided in The Pupillage Handbook, which is available free from the Bar Council or online.

Can you do pupillage part time?

Pupillage is a full-time training programme. 21. For the duration of pupillage, you are not allowed to hold any other employment, whether on a full-time or part-time basis. During pupillage you must also attend such percentage of pupillage training related lectures and training sessions as may be determined.

Can you apply for pupillage before BPTC?

Waiting until your BPTC year to make your first pupillage application is not a good idea. That is because many pupillage providers, particularly those in financially secure areas of practice, recruit exclusively from those who are in their last year of academic study or who are working before undertaking the BPTC.

How do I make my pupillage application stand out?

Make your application stand out from the crowd Write coherently and clearly about your reasons for applying. Be honest and authentic. Working in the field of practice or as a solicitor can really help. Commercial barrister Chris Greenwood, 4 New Square, remembers two particularly outstanding applications.

How long does a pupillage take?

Usually lasting 12 months, the pupillage is split into two six-month periods of on-the-job training, known as ‘sixes’. Equivalent to a solicitor’s training contract, you need to successfully complete the year to be able to practice as a barrister.

How many people get pupillages?

2011/12 2018/19
BPTC enrol 1,670 1,753
BPTC grads 1,350 1,302
Called to Bar 1,469 1,672
Pupillages 422 568

Do chambers pay for BPTC?

Unlike law firms, most chambers won’t usually cover the cost of your vocational education. However, if you managed to secure a pupillage before commencing the BPTC, you may be able to access part of your pupillage award to help you fund the BPTC—but it is by no means guaranteed.

How long does it take to complete pupillage?

Who are fieldfield Court Chambers?

Field Court Chambers is a leading set of barristers based in London. We work across many areas of law and focus particularly on: business, family, housing, property, public law & Court of Protection

When do I have to respond to the offer of pupillage?

Candidates are required to respond to the offer of pupillage within 7 days of the offer. NB: If an offer of pupillage is made after an interview, we and the prospective pupil must follow the protocol in the “Offers and Contract” section of the current Pupillage handbook.

How many pupils will be in pupillage?

Pupillage will be divided into 3 or 4 seats. During pupillage pupils will gain experience in all our main practice areas. Where possible, we try to accommodate pupils’ requests for a seat in a specific area of work. Second six pupils can expect to be in court regularly.