When should an intercooler fan turn on?

When should an intercooler fan turn on?

IIRC, when the temp reaches 180*F (Not sure about the exact temperture), the fan comes on. To force the fan to run all the time (With the ignition on) just unplug the sensor.

Where is the thermo coolant fan switch located?

The cooling fan switch should be located near the thermostat housing on the left side of the engine, behind the distributor assembly.

What is a Thermo fan switch?

The thermo fan switch is designed to control operation of the electric thermo fan(s). The thermo fan switch responds to changes in engine coolant temperature, providing circuit switching during a predetermined temperature range allowing fan operation.

Do intercoolers need fans?

It only has heat to get rid of when it is working hard and when it is working it is moving, usually quite fast. That speed shoves plenty of cooling air through the intercooler. A fan on the intercooler would just impede the airflow.

Do fans help intercooler?

a fan helps with heat soak and increases flow at low speeds, so for a mountain guy they’re great. but, they will not increase efficiency or airflow of the charge air itself, only a better intercooler can do that.

How do I know if my cooling fan switch is bad?

The best way to tell if your cooling switch is faulty is to listen to your engine while you drive. You know how your engine is supposed to sound, and if you notice that you don’t hear the fan as often as you normally do during your afternoon commute, you might have a failing switch.

What is water air intercooler?

A Water to Air Intercooler is one where the exchange of heat occurs between water and air. Water is pumped through the intercooler so that the heat from your charge pipes is transferred to the water. This type of set-up can be mounted anywhere, and just needs to have water plumbed to it.

How do you test a thermo switch?

Turn on the burner and slowly increase the water temperature. The ohmeter should be turned on and have a reading of high resistance. When the water reaches between 180 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, the switch should turn on and the resistance seen by the ohmmeter should change to zero.

Can a thermo switch go bad?

Common signs include engine overheating, the Check Engine Light coming on, and a broken or shorter signal wire.