When did Unlimited Supercharging end?

When did Unlimited Supercharging end?

When the Tesla Model S launched, the automaker promised free Supercharging for life. The automaker stopped offering free charging as sales picked up and charging sites became congested. Free Supercharging ended for new customers in 2017, but cars sold between 2012 and 2016 were exempt.

Will unlimited Supercharging come back?

Only time will tell what kind of Free Supercharging promotions Tesla will offer in the future, but we think that the return of fully Free Unlimited Supercharging is unlikely.

Is free Supercharging still available?

Does Tesla still offer free Supercharging? The short answer is yes, but not recently. When Tesla EVs truly began ramping up deliveries to customers after the debut of its Model S in 2012, many customers saw added perks like unlimited Supercharging.

Is Tesla charging free in USA?

Are Tesla charging stations free? There is some confusion surrounding whether Superchargers are free or not. Tesla used to offer free unlimited Supercharging with new Model S or Model X purchases. However, Tesla no longer offers free Supercharging with new purchases.

Is Supercharging free for Model Y?

Whether you’ve got a Model S, Model 3, Model X or a Model Y, you’ll find free juice at these Tesla Superchargers for a limited time. Tesla is making its Supercharging free for the holidays — with some caveats.

What is Tesla free Supercharging?

When the Supercharger network was first rolled out, one of its biggest selling points, convenience aside, was the fact it was free to use. Simply buy a Tesla car and you would have access to the brand’s charging stations at no extra cost.

How can I get a free Supercharger?

Free Supercharging

  1. Sign in to your Tesla Account.
  2. Next to the vehicle linked to your account, select ‘Manage’ > ‘View Details. ‘
  3. Car Details will show your Supercharging status: Free Unlimited, Pay-Per-Use or Timebound Supercharging.

Do Teslas get free charging?

26, owners motoring along select travel routes in the US can receive free charging at specific stations between the hours of 7 p.m. and 10 a.m. (local time zone). The perk is available for all Tesla models, including Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y.

Does Supercharging hurt battery?

Research has shown that Tesla owners have permanently damaged their Tesla batteries due to frequent supercharging. Although keep in mind, some user data actually points to daily supercharging actually prolonging battery life.

Does Tesla charge for Supercharging?

If you charge at a Tesla supercharger, the cost is typically about $0.25 per KW if you purchased a Model S or Model X after January 2017. Supercharging is free for cars purchased before, January 2017. More typically, a half charge (150 miles of range) would cost about $11.00.

Is it bad to supercharge 100%?

Supercharging a battery to 100% is not a problem at all. If Supercharging is going to have a detrimental effect on the battery, it’s going to be during the mid-part of the charge when the battery is hot because of the immense power going into the battery.

What is free unlimited Supercharging?

A Brief History of Free Tesla Supercharging With the unveiling of the first location of the Supercharger network in 2012, Tesla began to offer Free Unlimited Supercharging (the ability to rapidly charge a properly-equipped Tesla at one of Tesla’s Supercharger Stations for no cost) on the Model S as an added incentive for long-range travel.

What happened to Tesla’s free unlimited Supercharging?

Tesla removed fully transferable Free Unlimited Supercharging from their options in March of 2017, though future promotions have given non-transferable Free Unlimited Supercharging to a smattering of owners through referrals, etc. Then, in May of 2020, Tesla removed mention of Free Unlimited Supercharging altogether, and we haven’t seen it since.

Is the Tesla Model Y free Supercharging in 2021?

While that year of Free Supercharging is still ongoing for buyers of the Model Y in 2021 (at the time of this blog post), many of the other Free Supercharging incentives have already exhausted either their mileage or their time frame.