When did the first fleet land at Botany Bay?

When did the first fleet land at Botany Bay?

On May 13, 1787, the “First Fleet” of military leaders, sailors, and convicts set sail from Portsmouth, England, to found the first European colony in Australia, Botany Bay.

Which ship of the First Fleet entered Botany Bay first?

Royal Naval escort

Ship Type Arrived Botany Bay
HMS Sirius 20 gun 20 January 1788
HMS Supply Armed tender 18 January 1788

What happened after the First Fleet arrived at Botany Bay?

After a voyage of three months the First Fleet arrived at Botany Bay on 24 January 1788. On 26 January two French frigates of the Lapérouse expedition sailed into Botany Bay as the British were relocating to Sydney Cove in Port Jackson. The isolation of the Aboriginal people in Australia had finished.

Who landed at Botany Bay in Australia in the 1750s?

James Cook
We believe in the free flow of information James Cook and his companions aboard the Endeavour landed at a harbour on Australia’s southeast coast in April of 1770. Cook named the place Botany Bay for “the great quantity of plants Mr. Banks and Dr. Solander found in this place”.

What were the First Fleet ships called?

The fleet consisted of two Royal Navy escort ships, HMS Sirius and HMS Supply, six convict transports, the Alexander, Charlotte, Friendship, Lady Penrhyn, Prince of Wales and the Scarborough, and three store ships, the Borrowdale, Fishburn and Golden Grove.

Who first discovered Botany Bay?

In 1789, Captain John Hunter surveyed Botany Bay after returning from the Cape of Good Hope, trading for grain. The good supply of fresh water in the area led to the expansion of its population in the 19th century.

When did the First Fleet arrive at Botany Bay?

The First Fleet sailed from England on 13 May 1787 and arrived at Botany Bay eight months later, on 18 January 1788. Governor Arthur Phillip rejected Botany Bay choosing instead Port Jackson, to the north, as the site for the new colony; they arrived there on 26 January 1788.

Who was the first British officer in Botany Bay?

Tench was a British marine officer who arrived in Botany Bay with the First Fleet. Also available as an ebook: A narrative of the expedition to Botany Bay and a complete account of the settlement at Port Jackson 1788, the people of the First Fleet [catalogue record]

Why did the British go to Botany Bay?

The fleet of 11 ships that made its way to Botany Bay was comparatively small given the nature of its mission. The establishment of a new penal colony on the remote coast of New Holland would provide relief for Britain’s crowded prisons and stake a strategic claim in the Pacific ahead of Britain’s rivals.

What was the purpose of the First Fleet?

The First Fleet, consisting of 11 vessels, was the largest single contingent of ships to sail into the Pacific Ocean. Its purpose was to find a convict settlement on the east coast of Australia, at Botany Bay. The First Fleet sailed from England on 13 May 1787 and arrived at Botany Bay eight months later, on 18 January 1788.