When did Bran New Kiss by U-KISS come out?

When did Bran New Kiss by U-KISS come out?

On March 30, the new formation of U-KISS released their fifth EP, Bran New Kiss, and a new ballad song, “0330”. U-KISS released the Japanese version of Bran New Kiss on August 24.

What does umkiss stand for?

U-KISS (Korean: 유키스; Japanese: ユーキス) is a South Korean boy band formed by NH Media in 2008. Their name is an acronym, standing for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star. The group’s current lineup is composed of Soohyun, Hoon and Jun. Their breakthrough hit was Man Man Ha Ni (2009) from their EP Conti UKISS.

Where did U-KISS perform first kiss?

The U-KISS First Kiss Live in Tokyo & Osaka (2010) concerts were held December 6 in Osaka and December 10 in Tokyo. On December 10, their Japanese compilation album, First Kiss, placed #2 on the Oricon daily charts on the day of its release.

What was the first K-pop group Kiss debut?

U-KISS first performed on August 15, 2008, at Power of Atamix 08 in Japan. The group officially debuted in South Korea on August 28, 2008, with a live performance of their debut song, “Not Young”, on Mnet. This was followed by the release of their first mini-album, New Generation (N-Generation), on September 3, 2008.

Did U-KISS attend a-Nation 2012?

Before AJ’s temporary departure from the group, U-KISS attended the A-Nation opening ceremony at the Tokyo National Stadium on August 3. On August 9, 2012, U-KISS represented Korea in Asia Progress M, part of A-Nation, the biggest music festival in Japan.

What happened to Alexander and Kibum from U KISS?

Alexander and Kibum left the band in 2011, and were replaced by former Paran member Kim Jae-seop (AJ) and a former solo artist, Yeo Hoon-min (Hoon). The new U-KISS released their fifth mini-album, Bran New Kiss, and a new ballad song, “0330”.