What were the results of the Soweto uprising?

What were the results of the Soweto uprising?

Casualties and aftermath. The number of people who died is usually given as 176, with estimates up to 700. The original government figure claimed only 23 students were killed; and the number of wounded was estimated to be over 1,000 people. Black students also killed two people for being white, one of them Dr.

What was the main cause of the Soweto uprising?

High school student-led protests in South Africa began on the morning of June 16, 1976 in response to the introduction of Afrikaans as the medium of instruction in local schools. The police fired teargas and live ammunition on demonstrating students.

Who was the leader of the Soweto uprising?

Tsietsi Mashinini (1957 – ) Awarded for: For his bravery and leadership of the Soweto Student Uprising of 16 June 1976.

What was the government response to the Soweto uprising?

The government reacted with drastic repression including additional security legislation and the detention of activists without trial. Steve Biko died in custody in 1977 and 17 black organizations were banned. About 4 000 black youths fled the country, giving MK* a boost in the number of guerilla trainees in ANC camps.

What was the global reaction to the Soweto uprising?

What was the authority’s reaction to the Soweto Uprising? – initially surprised by the strength of the initial demonstrations in Soweto they responded with brutality, firing at children, killing as many as 20.

What is June 16 all about in South Africa?

June 16 marks the commemoration of National Youth Day in South Africa. This is the day the country reflects on the massacre of school children during the Soweto Uprising of 1976. The response of the organisations in exile can be understood in the context of the events that took place on the day.

What happened 17th June?

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Was Black Consciousness Movement successful?

Although it successfully implemented a system of comprehensive local committees to facilitate organised resistance, the BCM itself was decimated by security action taken against its leaders and social programs.

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