What was the most popular genre in 2010?

What was the most popular genre in 2010?

Top Grossing of 2010

Rank Genre Share
1 Adventure 28.87%
2 Action 18.90%
3 Drama 14.24%
4 Comedy 11.61%

Who was the first Indie band?

Early indie record successes: The earliest independent record success may be the Spiral Scratch EP, released by English pop-punk band Buzzcocks. The band pressed and sold more than 15,000 copies of the record, which inspired a wave of independent labels in the UK, including Rough Trade, 4AD, and Mute.

What is indie rock?

“Indie rock” is a term as amorphous and hard-to-pin-down as some of its associated lingo. But for our purposes here, we’ll go with a line of demarcation strangely omitted from the discussion much of the time: the rock portion of the equation.

Who are the best new bands of 2010?

The 20 Best New Bands of 2010 1. Mumford and Sons. The Mumford & Sons bassist is calling from Australia’s Adelaide Airport, where Dwane, frontman… 2. Sleigh Bells. The first 23 seconds of Sleigh Bells’ “Crown On the Ground” are beset by violent guitar squeals and… 3. Suckers. Between their 2009

What are the best music albums of 2010?

1 Arcade Fire – The Suburbs August 3, 2010 Critic Score 88 39 reviews Amazon iTunes Music Spotify 2 The National – High Violet May 10, 2010 Critic Score 85 33 reviews Amazon iTunes Music Spotify 3 Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest September 28, 2010 Critic Score 84 34 reviews Amazon iTunes Music Spotify

Did you listen to every new band in 2010?

We obviously didn’t listen to every new band in 2010, and the idea of defining what makes a band new this year is problematic (our definition apparently differs from the Grammys). But this list is about our favorite discoveries of the last 12 months—bands that we weren’t really following in 2009 even if they’d been around for a while.