What was the dumb Smurf called?

What was the dumb Smurf called?

Dopey Smurf
Dopey Smurf (original French name Schtroumpf Bêta) is a characters of the Smurfs comic books. He’s the most stupid Smurf.

Who was the fat Smurf?

Hogatha is a supporting character that appeared in the 1980s Smurfs cartoon show from Season 1 to Season 8, and has also appeared in the Schtroumpf magazine comics.

Where did Sassette Smurf come from?

Sassette Smurfling is one of the Smurflings who appeared in The Little Smurfs episode, she was created by Smurflings who had used the Smurfette creation from Gargamel who hates the Smurfs.

Is greedy a Smurf?

Greedy is an exceptionally gluttonous Smurf. He has an exceptional interest in eating cakes and other pastry. In the cartoon series, his character was combined with that of Chef Smurf, where he enjoys baking and cooking, but eventually ends up eating his own creations, hence the name.

Why is Grouchy Smurf so grouchy?

Around the end, when everyone was back to normal, Papa Smurf took note that there was one Smurf who still had the bitter attitude and cruel face that a Purple Smurf has and concluded that this was a side effect for being a Purple Smurf for too long. This one Smurf became known as Grouchy.

Are all Smurfs asexual?

Most smurfs are either heterosexual or bisexual, although homosexual or asexual smurfs do exist. Same-sex relationships are accepted by smurf society, due to smurfs believing that love is a precious treasure that shouldn’t be repressed.

Who was the head villain on the Smurfs and what was his cat’s name?

The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol Gargamel and his cat Azrael then give chase to Grouchy when he shows up in the evil wizard’s laboratory, with Gargamel continually being tripped over in his pursuit.

What is Doctor Smurf about?

Doctor Smurf (original French title Docteur Schtroumpf) is the eighteenth Smurfs comic book. When Handy Smurf and Clumsy Smurf are installing a fence for Farmer Smurf, Handy Smurf mistakenly hits Clumsy Smurf with his hammer, so Papa Smurf is called to attend Clumsy Smurf’s injury.

What did Papa Smurf give sickly Smurfs?

One day, Sickly Smurf believes he’s sick, so he goes to ask for medicine from Papa Smurf who, knowing that Sickly Smurf’s sickness is psychosomatic, just tells him to drink some vegetable soup and rest, as a placebo.

Is Gargamel A Fake Smurf?

This episode is based on the original comic book story of the same name (also called “The Alien Smurf”), where Gargamel was the masquerading fake Smurf instead of Hogatha. (However, Gargamel would pose as a fake Smurf in the cartoon episode ” The Mr. Smurf Contest “.)

What happens in the Smurfs and the Naughties?

The Smurfs team up with their human friends to rescue Smurfette, who has been abducted by Gargamel, since she knows a secret spell that can turn the evil sorcerer’s newest creation, creatures called “The Naughties”, into real Smurfs. When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village,…