What was the DeLorean car body made of?

What was the DeLorean car body made of?

DeLorean DMC-12 may look like a stainless steel car, but the sheet metal is actually quite thin and the actual structure of the body is made from fibreglass. Stainless steel is just a nice outer layer.

Why is the DeLorean stainless steel?

For DeLorean, the stainless proposition was that scratches could be easily buffed out, but of course the car’s shimmering skin was marketing. For Tesla, marketing is also a factor, although the company’s sibling, SpaceX, has been developing new stainless applications for its spacecraft.

What made the DeLorean so bad?

The main reason why the DeLorean’s handling was so poor was its engine placement. Initially, it was supposed to be mid-engined, but DMC had to switch to a rear-engined configuration to accommodate the Peugeot-Renault-Volvo V6 engine.

Did DeLorean plastic surgery?

He had plastic surgery on his jaw “If you look at him before and after, he was transformed,” writer Gail Sheehy, who interviewed DeLorean for her 1974 book Passages, says in the first episode of the docuseries. The plastic surgery, in particular, is his jaw — building out his jaw.”

How many gold plated DeLoreans were made?

But what you might not know is that a gold-plated DeLorean existed as well, and it was an even bigger failure. Only 8,583 DMC-12 models were built from 1981 to 1983, yet only five of them were plated in 24k gold.

Why are cars not made of metal anymore?

The reason for this construction is federal regulations. These regulations require that the vehicle withstand a front or rear impact at 5 mph with limited or no damage to the car.

Why did the DMC-12 fail?

The electronic wasn´t the best aswell. For example the engine ventilation didn´t always work which of course caused overheating. The other problem was, that the DMC-12 only had 132 hp but weighed 2,866 Pounds (1300 kilos), which means that it wasn´t a performance car at all.

Does John DeLorean have a son?

Zachary DeLorean
John DeLorean/Sons

What kind of body does a DeLorean have?

The body is paneled in brushed SS304 austenitic stainless steel, and except for three cars plated in 24-karat gold, all DeLoreans left the factory uncovered by paint or clearcoat. Painted DeLoreans do exist, although these were all painted after the cars were purchased from the factory.

Who designed the DeLorean?

The body design of the DeLorean was a product of Giorgetto Giugiaro of Italdesign; to create the car, Giugiaro drew on one of his previous works, the Porsche Tapiro, a concept car from 1970.

Are any DeLoreans still in production?

However, a few of the pilot cars have survived and are owned by private parties. With the 1980 NADA meeting approaching, DMC planned to show a final “production” version of the DeLorean, however there were no production cars ready at the time or even any production stainless steel panels.

How did the automotive press react to the DeLorean?

The automotive press was generally complimentary. Motor Trend, Car and Driver and Road & Track made generally positive remarks about the car, particularly its commendable fuel economy, and argued that the DeLorean is more of a GT car rather than a sports car or race car, given a disappointing performance in comparative tests.