What type of vaccine is Q Vax?

What type of vaccine is Q Vax?

Q-VAX® is a purified suspension of formalin-inactivated, Coxiella burnetii prepared from the Phase I Henzerling strain of the organism grown in the yolk sacs of embryonated eggs. Trace amounts of ovalbumin (<1 microgram) may also be present. Q-VAX® Vaccine contains ≥ 25µg of antigen in 0.5 mL of aqueous solution.

What is Q fever vaccine?

Q-VAX® Q fever Vaccine is given by injection under the skin, usually in the upper arm. It is used to help protect people against the infection “Q fever.” Q fever is caused by bacteria (called Coxiella burnetii) which can be caught by humans from animals that carry the infection.

Is Q fever vaccine mandatory?

Adolescents aged ≥15 years and adults who are at risk of infection with Coxiella burnettii are recommended to receive Q fever vaccine# Q fever vaccine is recommended for people aged ≥15 years who are at risk of infection with C. burnetii and have not had previous Q fever infection or vaccination.

What are the ingredients of the yellow fever vaccine?

The vaccine contains sorbitol and gelatin as a stabilizer, is lyophilized, and is hermetically sealed under nitrogen. No preservative is added. Each vial of vaccine is supplied with a separate vial of sterile diluent, which contains Sodium Chloride Injection USP – without a preservative.

What is Q fever caused by?

Q fever is a disease caused by the bacteria Coxiella burnetii. This bacteria naturally infects some animals, such as goats, sheep, and cattle. C. burnetii bacteria are found in the birth products (i.e. placenta, amniotic fluid), urine, feces, and milk of infected animals.

How effective is the Q fever vaccine?

The Q fever vaccine is highly effective and provided more than 93% protective efficacy in individuals who had no Q fever exposure upon pre vaccination assessment and who were vaccinated with Q-VAX®. The incidence of Q fever in vaccinated individuals was 5.4 per 100,000 person years of follow up.

What does Q fever stand for?

Q fever (the Q stands for query) is a disease caused by the bacterium, Coxiella burnetii (Cox-EE-ell-uh bur- net-EE-eye). The disease is found worldwide, except for New Zealand. It can cause reproduction problems in livestock and severe respiratory (lung) and liver disease in humans.

What does Q fever do?

Q fever is a bacterial infection that can cause a severe flu-like illness. For some people, Q fever can affect their health and ability to work for many years. The bacteria are spread from animals, mainly cattle, sheep and goats. Even people who do not have contact with animals may be infected.

How much does the Q fever vaccine cost?

Cost of Vaccination:- The total cost of Q fever vaccination is $300. $150 for the first consultation ($36 Medicare rebate) and $150 for the vaccination at the second consultation (if required). This cost of the vaccination is tax deductible for at-risk occupations. How do I get Vaccinated?

Is yellow fever Sub Q or IM?

The yellow fever vaccine, live is only indicated for subcutaneous administration; do not give via intravenous administration or intramuscular administration.

Is Q fever serious?

Chronic Q fever is serious and can be deadly if not treated correctly. Chronic Q fever infection requires months of antibiotic treatment. Chronic Q fever is more likely to occur in people with heart valve disease, blood vessel abnormalities, or in people with weakened immune systems.