What type of hard drive does Dell Inspiron use?

What type of hard drive does Dell Inspiron use?


Interface SATA 6 Gbps
Hard drive One 2.5-inch drive (SATA)
Solid-state drive One M.2 drive (SATA)
Hard drive Up to 1 TB

How much does it cost to replace a hard disk on laptop?

Hard Drive Repair Cost The total cost of replacing a hard drive is about $200. This price includes the cost of the hard drive, which is between $60 and $100. It also takes about two hours of labor, for an average cost of $120.

Which is better HDD or SSD in laptop?

SSDs in general are more reliable than HDDs, which again is a function of having no moving parts. SSDs commonly use less power and result in longer battery life because data access is much faster and the device is idle more often. With their spinning disks, HDDs require more power when they start up than SSDs.

How do I access my hard drive on my Dell laptop?

Remove the bottom back door. Remove the screws securing the hard drive on the Bottom base. Slide the hard drive assembly away from the hard drive connector. Pull the tab to lift and remove the hard drive assembly out of the computer.

How do you turn on Dell Inspiron?

Turn on your Dell Inspiron and wait for the flash (logo) screen to give way to the main menu. Click the “Start” tab in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Select “Programs” from the list of options that appear in the drop-down menu.

How to fix Dell Inspiron laptop?

Turn on the laptop. As soon as the Dell logo appears on the screen, repeatedly press the F8 key until you see the “Advanced Boot Options” menu. Select “Repair your computer” and press Enter.

How do I reformat my Dell Inspiron laptop?

Click on “Dell Factory Image Restore” from the list of options, then press “Next.”. Click “Yes, reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory condition” and click “Next.”. Your Dell computer will be restored to its factory status during this step of the process.

What is Dell Inspiron used for?

Dell Inspiron. inspiron laptops are designed for home and student life style, all around laptops that can be used in any situation, with good graphic and processor speed that can handle daily productivity and multimedia applications, they are designed smooth round finished and manufactured in deferent colors and sizes,…