What Two Dogs make an Akita?

What Two Dogs make an Akita?

The Akita is a powerful, independent and dominant breed, commonly aloof with strangers but affectionate with family members. As a breed, Akitas are generally hardy. In all countries except the United States, the Japanese and American strains of Akita are considered two separate breeds….Akita (dog)

Akita Inu
Origin Japan

Is an Akita a husky?

Though both breeds are fluffy, the Akita is the larger of the two. The Akita and the Siberian Husky are very different in their appearance. The Akita is squarer in comparison to the Husky, who looks much more delicate in his features. The Akita is an extra-large breed whereas the Husky is a medium-sized pup.

Is the Akita the right dog for You?

An affectionate and loyal family member, the Akita is happy to be an only dog and can be aggressive toward other dogs outside the family. The large size of the Akita can make him difficult to control and so is not a breed suitable for everyone. The Akita is a large, powerful dog with a decidedly sturdy appearance.

What does an Akita look like?

The Akita is a large, powerful dog with a decidedly sturdy appearance. Being only slightly longer than he is tall, the Akita’s appearance is well balanced. The full, curled tail is proportionate with the large head.

Where did the Akita breed come from?

The Akita originates in Japan where he is considered to be “tender in heart and strong in strength.” The breed gets its name from the Prefecture of Akita, a section of northern Japan, where the breed was developed through crossings of chow chows with Japanese Kari and Tosa dogs.

What is the job of an Akita?

Originally the Akita’s job was to hunt, guard, and herd. This swift, powerful dog was unsurpassed in his ability to track large game including deer, elk and black bear. The Akita continues to be regarded as a loyal and courageous dog, and the Japanese now use the Akita as a police dog.