What to do with extra glasses cases?

What to do with extra glasses cases?

Opportunities for Eye Care Practice Professionals

  • Mani-Pedi Case.
  • Storage for Ear Buds.
  • Clutch Purse.
  • Make a Miniature Garden.
  • Miniature Emergency Kits.
  • Create a Secret Stash.
  • Make Steampunk Art.
  • Reuse and Hold Crayons.

How do you carry two pairs of glasses?

Travel Tips for Glasses Wearers

  1. Take an Extra Pair or Case. If you’re taking a road trip, you can easily bring an extra case or two to keep your glasses safe.
  2. Store Your Glasses In Your Suitcase. When you tuck in for the night at your hotel, keep your case within your suitcase.
  3. Carry On.
  4. Keep Them In a Case.

What do you do with old glasses and cases UK?

Onesight accepts used and broken glasses and transfers them for responsible recycling. Lions Clubs around the UK collect spectacles for reuse via Chichester Lions. Take your old pairs to a Lions Club eyeglass donation bin in your town, or mail them to the Lions Clubs International headquarters.

Does anywhere collect old spectacles?

Drop your glasses at a charity shop If your local shop doesn’t accept donations of specs, you can post them off to some charities instead. Lions Club, for example, collects old glasses at its clubs around the country; however, if you don’t live near one, you can post your spectacles directly to them.

How do you organize sunglasses in their cases?

Turn an old medicine cabinet into a sunglasses case for easy storage. If you can find an old medicine cabinet at a yard sale or antique store, you can create your own convenient sunglasses cabinet. Either stack the sunglasses on the shelves or install small hooks across the back of the cabinet to hang your shades.

How do you display sunglasses on the wall?

Simply hang your coat hanger inside your wardrobe (allow plenty of room so they don’t get squashed) and suspend your sunglasses along the bottom of the hanger. Alternatively, you can display the hanger on the wall with a nail or a coat hook.

What are Warby Parker cases made of?

The exterior of the case is made from faux-leather and the lining is 100% polyester. It features a zippered closure and interior dividers for three pairs of glasses. And at just $40, the case is a small price to pay for never having to deal with a crushed pair of glasses again.

How do you pack sunglasses without a case?

A clean sock will protect them from scratches with no need for fasteners and it takes a fair bit of pressure or impact to actually damage glasses (bending them slightly is another matter). Once wrapped they can go in the top of your pack or any pocket.