What team is Steph Curry playing for?

What team is Steph Curry playing for?

Golden State Warriors#30 / Point guard, Shooting guard

Who is better curry or Lebron?

Lebron James is not just better than Curry, he’s much better. But when you break it down, outside of shooting itself, Curry is literally only better at steals. Lebron beats him in every other category including passing. Lebron even averages more points despite Curry being the better shooter.

How many 3s did LeBron make?

Interpreted as:

LeBron James 1306 1,973

What team is LeBron on 2021?

Los Angeles Lakers

Who is better curry or Kobe?

Kobe was a phenomenal player and a cultural icon. He scored a mountain of points, but he didn’t impact winning to the same degree Curry does. Over the course of Curry’s career, the Warriors’ net rating is a whopping 11.5 points better when he’s on the floor: 8.92 to minus-2.58.

How many 3s has Steph Curry made?

470 3s

Who is the best NBA player 2020?

Top 10 NBA Players in the 2019-2020 Season: Kawhi Leonard at #1

  • Kawhi Leonard, Los Angeles Clippers.
  • LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks.
  • James Harden, Houston Rockets.
  • Anthony Davis, Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors.
  • Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers.
  • Russell Westbrook, Houston Rockets.

What is Shaq’s career high in points?

On March 6, 2000, O’Neal scored a career-high 61 points to go along with 23 rebounds and 3 assists in a 123–103 win over the LA Clippers. O’Neal was also voted the 1999–2000 regular season Most Valuable Player, one vote short of becoming the first unanimous MVP in NBA history.

Will LeBron James pass Karl Malone?

Bill Oram, Lakers beat writer: LeBron is on track to score roughly 1,850 points this season, which would leave him just over 800 points shy of Malone. Assuming good health and typical productivity, he would pass the Mailman before next year’s All-Star break, when he would be 37 years old.

What is Damian Lillard’s career high?

61 points

What’s LeBron James Career high?

On March 3, 2014, James erupted for a career-high 61 points at home in Miami, but all of his other 50-point games have occurred on the road.

What team does Steph Curry play for 2021?

Golden State Warriors

Who has the most 3-pointers this season?

2019-20 Regular Season

Rk Player (Team) 3-Pointers Made
1 James Harden (Rockets) 299
2 Buddy Hield (Kings) 271
3 Damian Lillard (Trail Blazers) 270

Is Curry better than Jordan?

As per NBA stats, Steph Curry’s effective field goal percentage (eFG) is better than Jordan, James and Durant. Throughout his career with the Warriors, Curry has played a total of 112 playoffs games. He averaged 26.5 points, 6.3 assists and 5.4 rebounds per game while shooting 40.1 percent from the three-point range.

What is Stephen Curry’s real name?

Wardell Stephen Curry II

Is curry an all-star 2021?

No one had more fun than Stephen Curry at the 2021 NBA All-Star Game. Curry didn’t hit the game-winning shot in Atlanta on Sunday — that was Damian Lillard — but, before the shot even went up, he was waving goodbye and walking to the bench.

Is Kyrie or curry better?

The statistics can clearly show you, who’s better between the two players. Curry has better shooting skills because his shooting percentage is higher than Kyrie Irving’s. Even though Irving managed to outshine Curry in one of the NBA championships finals, Curry has better records and stats than Irving.

Is Damian Lillard better than Steph Curry?

Curry has taken 177 more threes than Lillard, about the equivalent distance of Lillard and Kyle Korver or Khris Middleton, who are in 27th place. Similarly, Lillard checks in 10th in the NBA with 9.7 drives per game, per the SportVU data on NBA.com, while Curry is down in 43rd with only 5.9.

What’s Steph Curry’s career high?


Who is better Kyrie or Dame?

It’s Dame Time It’s a tight race since both of them are great NBA players. However, basketball is a team sport. As great as Irving is as an individual baller, Lillard is a better leader and locker room fit than Irving. Dame has arguably passed Kyrie on the court as well, so the Blazers star gets the nod overall.

Who is better curry or Durant?

Smith acknowledged Curry was the best shooter, but Durant was a better all-round player according to him. “Kevin Durant was the best player on the Golden State Warriors. There has not been a time when Kevin Durant was a worse player than Steph Curry,” he said. “Curry is the best shooter we have ever seen in our lives.

Who has more range curry or Lillard?

Lillard ranks second for most 3-pointers made this season (166) behind Curry (178). He has also led the league in crunch-time 3-pointers (46). Hence, the “Dame Time” nickname. As for his range, Lillard (166) ranks second behind Curry (182) on shots from 24 feet and beyond.

Is Kevin Durant better than LeBron?

2) Scoring Efficiency Kevin Durant has won the NBA’s scoring title the last two seasons. At this point, many Kevin Durant fans will say “HA, LeBron’s not better than Durant in scoring.” Yes, Durant averaged more points than James last season, 27.7 to 26.7. James, however shot 51 percent to Durant’s 46 percent.